The Taliban – Biden’s Bosom Buddies

The Taliban – Biden’s Bosom Buddies!

I wonder what the ladies who follow the Pea Patch, in fact every woman in America, think about this comment from our administration: “Look, the Taliban per se is not our enemy. That’s critical,” US Vice-President Joe Biden said in an interview to the Newsweek magazine.

Presuming the best, giving the president and vice president the benefit of the doubt, I can only conclude that he meant, “Look, the Taliban per se is not our enemy alone, but is the enemy of the entire civilized world.  The enemy of all freedom loving, tolerant, peace loving people.”  Because I find it hard to believe that our administration thinks us so stupid to believe such an inane statement was made, was believed, by Vice President Joe Biden.  Then again, maybe the stupidity is on the other side of that statement?

This administration has a memory about as long at the Taliban’s list of women they respect and admire.  Let’s see, young women killed because they had the audacity of trying to go to school?  Young women stoned to death because they disobeyed their husband’s dictates?  Thousand year old, irreplaceable religious artifacts destroyed because they “offended” Taliban sensitivities?  Thousands of U.S. military killed, and more thousands maimed?  A group who’s financed by the production and smuggling of the majority of the world’s heroin, most of which finds it’s way to the U.S.?  And on and on and on….

I wonder just who is our enemy if the Taliban is not?  I wonder who is the enemy of any civilized man or woman if the Taliban is not?

I’ve long believed Joe Biden was born at night, and only now learned it was last night.  At least if he truly believes what he said.

And most of all, I wonder what is the motivation of an administration, a president and vice president of the United States of America who would suggest that the heinous crimes of the Taliban do not make them the enemy of any peace loving, freedom loving, free choice-of-religion loving, tolerant people…and certainly the enemy of each and every American who believes in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, and the God given right of all people, men and women everywhere, to live in freedom.

It seems all American’s believe in those basic principles, except two who unfortunately occupy the office of president and vice president.  I, for one, think our president and vice president should have an inkling of who, and where, our enemies are.


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  • Edward P Fischer MD:

    Actions do speak louder than words. Unfortunately, for all free people of the world, our President and Vice President have not behaved in a way that represents the Mind and Will of We The People who they are elected to represent. I believe that The People will speak up in 2012 with their power, the vote, and replace these two accidental occupants of the Executive Branch along with many in Congress who likewise have forgotten who they represent by abusing their privilages and pursuing selfserving agendas. God Bless America. One Nation Under God. In God We Trust. These are the basic expresions of our Founding Fathers and form the guidance for our Nation. As Thomas Jefferson said, Freedom comes with a price. Political ‘correctness’ does not support the values, beliefs or principles of our Founding Fathers. They conceived the basis of America with Wisdom and Love which comes from God. We need to protect and preserve their work lest we lose our way which has been sustained at great cost, to our youth and national production.

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