I’m sick of the mealy mouthed….

I don’t know about you, but I’m rapidly getting sick of the mealy mouthed wimps who are condemning the actions of our country, and particularly those brave SEALs, for dispatching Osama bin Laden in the manner in which they did.

Let’s begin with Michael Moore.  Now, why shouldn’t we listen to a puss-gut movie maker, who continually wants to give away everyone else’s hard-earned money, while he packs luxury foods between his puffy lips, masticating while talking, offending everyone except his banker.  Michael, wipe that caviar off the side of your pie hole before you go before the camera.  You tell me why we should pay attention, but I think I’ve already made up my mind.

It comes as a great shock to me that bin Laden’s son, Omar, agrees with Moore.  Now there’s a revelation we needed to hear from the press.  How about Osama’s wife…of course wife’s don’t have an opinion in Muslim households, and it would have required several interviews, I’m sure, as Osama was Muslim.

From Michael Moore’s fat lips:  “after World War II, we just didn’t go in and put a bullet to the head of all the top Nazis. We put them on trial,” and insisted that with bin Laden’s assassination, “we’ve lost something of our soul here in this country.”  Yes, Michael, we need another multi-million dollar trial that was nicely avoided with a half ounce of lead.

Michael Moore’s illustrious military background, by the way, consists of rising to the rank of Eagle in the Boy Scouts.  His first merit badge was “strawberry cream puff consumption.”  Moore forgets that 25 SEALs were involved in an incursion into a country without that country’s invitation, and not only were they there against armed guards (and a possible hostile military had they not been snoozing) in a hostile environment, but were operating next to a military base.  I’m sure he thinks our boys should have gone into the street and recruited a jury pool from all those friendly and helpful Al Queda members…but then they’d have had to wake them up.  Michael Moore’s b.b. balls (the only thing small about him), even from ten thousand miles from the action, don’t impress me much.

Now, picture this, Michael Moore rappelling his four hundred pound blubber gut down (requiring a one inch nylon line) from a Blackhawk helicopter onto the roof of the bin Laden compound.  Of course if Michael were along there would have only been 22 members attacking due to the weight restrictions of the Blackhawk.  We wouldn’t have had to shoot bin Laden, Moore would have crashed though the roof and crushed him to death.

Enough about Michael Moore…a conclusion I came to years ago.

Let’s move on to another of my favorite people, Joy Behar.  Joy said: “What I’m saying is a lot of people are tortured and they get a lot of information out of it, as you’ve just pointed out – maybe it works, maybe it doesn’t,” Behar said. “You have to decide if it’s worth it to torture that many people to take a risk that it will happen to us.”  Now there’s a brave reason for abhorring torture.  She also suggested we offer them a six million dollar book deal if they wouldn’t torture.   Uh?  I’ve long thought that she and Rosie O’Donnell were among the most obnoxious human beings to ever appear on television, and that condition is only exceeded by their stupidity.  Joy, you’ve convinced me again…a six million dollar book deal?  Or better yet, why not pitch a talk show with you, Michael, and Rosie…on Al Jaezzra T.V., where damn near everyone in the audience would agree with you.

Rosie’s take:  She wishes bin Laden hadn’t been killed when Navy SEALs raided his lair in Pakistan on May 1. “You can be upset about the fact that [bin Laden] didn’t have due process, that he didn’t get tried,” she said. “Because other people are capable of criminal acts on our soil doesn’t equate to ‘Therefore, we are allowed to do criminal acts on their soil,’” O’Donnell said.

There’s a typical turn the other cheek attitude.  I guess we should have sent Japan a boat load of oranges after Pearl Harbor, rather than the bomb that saved a million American lives, or more.

Now, let’s give “due process” a little thought.  Due process, in the eyes of Michael, Rosie, and Joy, are when you get up, make that hour commute into work, drop your baby off in child care at the base of the World Trade Tower, go up to work, and someone flies a plane into the building.  It burns, and falls, causing you and 2,999 others to have the horror of breathing toxic smoke while calling your loved ones to tell them you’ll never see them again, then falling amongst crushing rubble to be flattened like a toad in the road.  As is the baby you left in child care, and as are thousands of others whose crime was trying to make a living for their families.  Not to speak of the other atrocities over the world.

I guess had we placed Osama into a paper shreader, or a chipper a la the movie Fargo, and I mean SLOWLY, I would have still thought his death far to easy, and so easily justified.

What I’d really have liked to see was the SEALs using Rosie, Joy, and Micheal rapelling down into that Pakistani military base as a diversion…of course then we would have had to use a Sikorsky Super Stallion with a 20,000 pound payload.

Then we could have seen how long their “trial” would have been.

But that’s just me, out here in the pea patch.

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