SPECIAL on Gadhafi….

As some of you might suspect, political correctness is not my long suit.

The United Nation Human Rights office is calling for an investigation into the killing of Moammar Gadhafi.  Where were they when the Lockerbie Plane went down, killing Americans thanks to the effort of the scumbag Gadhafi?  I’m only sorry they didn’t drag him through the streets as they did our boys in a number of Muslim countries.  So, am I calling for an investigation?  Yes, into why we didn’t get the low life son of a bitch a long time ago, and why we had to wait for his own people (with our billions of dollars) to do the deed.

Justice at last for those went down from thousands of feet in the air, watching death approach.  Whatever happened to the prick was far too good.

2 Responses to “SPECIAL on Gadhafi….”

  • Edward P Fischer MD:

    Speaking as a physician and I’m sure many people who’ve watched and heard him speak over the years. Gadafi characterized several personality and character disorders such as ‘Bipolar’ and ‘Narcissistic’. He was never ‘reality’ oriented and didn’t seem to be aware of the disparity between his perceptions and those of the majority. Part of both disorders.

  • Patti Johnson:

    I’d say that was less than putting it mildly, well said in plain and clear words! Pretty funny, enjoy your articles.

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