Atrocities in America, in the name of honor?

Ladies, let’s hope you have beautiful eyes, as soon that may be all that’s seen of you.  It’s time you acted:

Do you want Muslims blocking your city streets while exercising their religion, as they have done in Paris?

And far, far worse…do you want your daughters subjected to beatings and humiliation, or even worse honor killing, in the name of religion?

Do you want them murdered in the name of Muslim “honor?”

Do you want such heinous atrocities America?  Not that they’re not already here….


Representative Sandy Adams (R-FL) has introduced a bill (H.R.973) which amends the federal judicial code to “prohibit federal courts from deciding any issue on the authority of foreign law.”


Sharia Law is creeping into America, and it’s time a wall of offending Americans stopped it, particularly American women.


There are currently 72 co-sponsors.  Is your representative one of them?  If not, it’s time to write, email, call, or fax your rep (or all the above) and tell him/her to get off their lethargic butts and co-sign Ms. Adams bill.  It’s time to write letters to the editor of your local paper and make sure all in your community are aware of this threat.  It’s time to present a unified face to the Muslim world…time to tell them they are not going to infiltrate the United States with their pagan beliefs.


Ladies, if you believe you’re equal to your men, this is an issue you’d better attack.  And attack now.


Sharia Law is not your friend, nor your daughter’s.


Go here to OpenCongress.Com – – if you’d like to read the bill or see who the co-sponsors are, if your rep is not among them, jab them, if so, write in their support.


I don’t mean to offend, but then again, it’s time Americans became offended with what’s happening in America.  Here’s an example from


Muslim Murders in America.  This is not the only atrocity, but is an example:

American Muslims with radical leftist ideas are surely NOT a DANGER are they?

January 31, 2005

New details on the New Jersey murders:

A close friend of Hossam Armanious and relatives of the family murdered in New
Jersey have revealed the following:

Shortly after the murders, members of the Egyptian consulate went to visit the
family to encourage them to keep quiet. And many family members have obeyed,
saying nothing to reporters or anyone else. However, two family members and
another Copt viewed the bodies at the funeral home. One of these eyewitnesses
said that he clearly saw that the family members had not suffered “stab wounds
to the throat,” as the prosecutor’s report states, but rather the following:

A. Both adults, Hossam and Amal, had a horizontal slit across the throat. Below
the slit, on the left, right and middle of the throat were three holes, big
enough so that one could place a finger in each hole. According to the
eyewitness, it was as if the assailant(s) took a knife and turned it repeatedly
in a circular fashion, as if to screw holes into the victims’ necks.

B. The two young girls, Sylvia (15) and Monica (8), also had a horizontal slits
in their throats, along with two holes bored below the slits, one on the right
and one on the left sides of their necks. The holes were similar to those on
their parents’ necks.
C. The eyewitness said although the bodies of the victims were all covered, he
was able to see the arms of the little girl Monica. Although the tattoo of the
cross inside Monica’s wrist was not defaced, he saw that her wrists were cut. He
was not able to see the wrists of the other victims to see if the crosses on
their wrists were defaced.

D. Though the family wants to reserve judgment until the results of the case are
released, they did say that the way the four family members were bound and
gagged and the way their throats were slit with holes carved is similar to
executions that are shown on al-Jazeera. The American public is not aware of
this because the details of the executions are not often described in news

End of partial quote of the article.

In addition you should be aware that Islamic Terrorists have carried out 17,805 deadly terror attacks since 9/11.  This from

It’s time to “stand up” America.


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