Disinterest and Disdain

Delineating the Difference

I received a copy of this offensive video, causing all the uproar in the world, via the net, and as uninteresting and inane as it was, it did delineate one thing, and that’s the difference between the very intolerant Muslim world and the United States of America.  Yes, I watched part of it, with the disinterest and disdain it deserved.

This video was not only badly made, horribly edited, and poorly directed, it was uninteresting and would have received about 1/100 of 1% of the population of America and the rest of the world as viewers, and most of those would have turned it off long before it was completed, had it not been for the uproar in the Muslim world.  Now it’s infamous, thanks to Muslim intolerance. I gave it no more credence than I would have given another badly made, badly written, video on the subject of Christ.  Yes, it is offensive, not only to Muslims but to any thinking person.  But offensive enough to cause the death of four fine young Americans? I think not.

And the death of any American should not stand, nor should an attack on American soil which is an act of war.

Ignorance is ignorance be it in the name of politics or religion or any other cause.  It seems to be this offence was merely another excuse for an attack on America while so-called friends (the governments of Libya and Egypt) stand by and gloat, while joyously spending American dollars sent to buy their friendship. While their so-called democratization, Arab Spring, folds beneath them, as we knew it would.  Religion and politics don’t mix, as has been demonstrated time and time again.

Had such a video, an anti-Christ video, been produced in a Muslim country it would have gotten the viewership it deserved and no notoriety, and would have been sloughed off into the flotsam and jetsam of worthless media as this one would, had Muslims not made it infamous.

Egypt and Libya should be boycotted, all tourism banned, and any and all aid stopped.  It’s time America stopped the useless policy of trying to buy friends, and until a sincere expression is made by these governments, and criminals handed over to the U.S. courts, then not even diplomatic efforts should be made to restore so-called friendship.

It’s time America sincerely sought energy independence so insincere friends could be shucked.



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