Empowering Bin Ladin’s Bunch…Thanks, Obama.

Our foreign aid programs have long supported despots, making millionaires and billionaires out of dictators.  And we think that will make friends out of their populace?  We are and have been idiots.  Where is the common sense?  Now it’s coming back to bite us on the butt in Egypt, Tunisia, Jordan, and probably the rest of the Arab world.  So all we accomplished is waiting until most of that world grows strong with our dollars, paid for oil, until the people finally rise up to shed themselves of one dictator only to embrace another–Shiria Law.  That’s what the Muslim Brotherhood will bring to the party.  And after we’ve invested billions and billions.

This from Vision To America:

Barack Obama failed to capitalize on his initial worldwide popularity to push for democratic reforms in the Muslim world.  He could have funded, supported, and promoted a wide range of true human rights groups that could have brought about a stable Egypt that would uphold its treaties and still be a reliable ally of America.  Instead, he slashed funding for these groups, gave them zero moral or diplomatic support, and is now — with alacrity (as Horvitz notes) — abandoning Mubarak and empowering the Muslim Brotherhood.

So has Barack Obama been ahead of the curve?  Only if you think he wanted the Muslim Brotherhood to assume power.

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