From the inside….another p.o.v.!

Name of sender withheld, but he occasionally substitutes as a teacher in the prison system:

I am passing this along to everyone on my email address list, and I will also post this on my FB page.  Subbing at the prison today there was a discussion about the death of Osama Bin Laden.  In a class of 25 I asked how many people were glad that he was killed.  Only one inmate raised his hand.  Five Muslims were in this class and two stated that the media is controlled by the govt. and that the only news we get is what the govt. wants us to hear.  These guys aren’t retarded.  They were green bands, or inmates there for the support system.  After they said their piece, I asked the question again about the killing of Bin Laden.  This time I raised my own hand and said, “Am I the only one here that is glad that Bin Laden is dead”?  Fearing some type of reprisal, a couple of more inmates raised their hands, but none were the Muslim students.  This was a GED class with no students with emotional problems.  You will also notice in the news that the Muslim world has been silent in regard to Bin Laden’s death.  We do indeed have a major problem in the U.S., especially since Obama appointed a devout Muslim as head of our nation’s security.  We can be politically correct all we want, but let’s face it, these people want us to submit to their beliefs or they will do their best to destroy us.  I am also forwarding another email along that will back up what I just said. - Don

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