Mubarak and a paltry $60 billion… | Mabarak.


Mubarak is a friend, like a cheap hooker is your lover.

The ex-president of Egypt, Mubarak, has stolen your wallet and mine….

Bill O’Reilly claims Mubarak of Egypt has 60 billion dollars packed away in foreign bank accounts. If that’s true, it proves, again, what a sham our foreign policy has been since the end of WWII.  As I’ve said time and time again in this blog, all we accomplish is making billionairs and millionaires out of despots.  Maybe if he’d trickled a few bil of that into his economy, the people wouldn’t have finally given him a swift kick in the butt.

Mubarak a friend?

Yes, Mubarak has been a friend to the U.S.A. and in a strange way, to Israel…at least after Israel kicked Egypt’s butt in the 6 Day War.  Of course Egypt was then lead by Nassar, but Isreal made their point to Egypt, Jordan, and Syria.  Mubarak was yet to be at the helm.  And who wouldn’t be a friend since we handed Egypt 25 billion since that time, most of which, obviously, went into Mubarak’s Swiss accounts.

But we spent 25 billion making “friends” with Mubarak.

Now, how much of that 25 billion did us a thin dime of good.  Do you think Egypt would have tried to take on Isreal again after having their ass handed to them on a plank?  I seriously doubt it.  So, what did we buy.  NOTHING, that’s what.  Unless you consider Mubarak’s houses and yachts and airplanes a good investment on the part of the American taxpayer.  I don’t know about you, but I didn’t receive a single damn invitation to enjoy the fruits of our foreign aid.

Mubarak is only one of a long line of despots we’ve funded.  And as I’ve often said, and as we know to be human nature…you can’t buy real friendship.

Now, with the wisdom proven by our relationship with Mubarak, I’m sure we’ll feed money to the new Egyptian administration, which will go into the bank accounts of the Muslim Brotherhood, who will us our own money to try and kill us.

Maybe Mubarak will let us all come and live on some Island he now owns, to get away from the Muslim Brotherhood‘s wrath, both of which were bought and paid for with our dough.

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