Muslims believe that Mohammed created the perfect society

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In stark contrast with Jesus, Muhammed was a warlord who personally ordered the execution by beheading of hundreds if not thousands of captives. He specifically instructed that Muslims were entitled to enslave conquered peoples and take captive women as slave-wives. He ordered that Muslims have a duty to subjugate or kill all non-Muslims. He personally ordered that anyone who converts from Islam to another religion must be killed.

By the late 700s (i.e., less that 100 years after Muhammed’s death) Muslim armies had conquered all the formerly Christian territories of the Middle East, North Africa, Spain, and Asia Minor. Few people realize that they almost conquered France but were turned back just south of present-day Paris at the Battle of Tours by Charles Martel in 732. They invaded Italy through Sicily and almost took Rome. They conquered Constantinople (now Istanbul), putting an end to 1500 years of Christian culture in the Byzantine Empire. In 1688 they laid siege to the city of Vienna, Austria. Historians are in general agreement that, but for a military miracle, they would have succeeded in taking Vienna and all of Western Europe would have been overrun and would be Muslim territory today.

Jesus said to “Render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s,” meaning his revelation was not inherently political, though Christianity eventually became the “official” religion of the Roman empire. This unity of government and Christianity survived the fall of the Roman Empire and remained until the rise of the nation state as the prevailing form of societal organization in Europe at the end of the middle ages. But the New Testament does not set forth “laws” or a system of “government” as a cornerstone of the faith. The exact opposite is true of Islam. It is as much a political / governmental system as it is a religious faith. The two cannot be separated because the entire foundation of Islam is the governmental system for a “just society” instituted by Mohammed. All Muslims agree that eventually Sharia law will and must rule the world. The only difference of opinion among Muslims is how to get there (i.e. violent Jihad versus “soft” Jihad).

Muslims believe that Mohammed created the perfect society and any additions or changes to his system are heresy. At least that is the only view currently put forth by Muslim clerics and scholars. Because of that view, Islamic peoples are stuck in a dark-ages mentality from which they cannot emerge. As the story above points out, those in the West who believe that a “moderate, peaceful” Islam will necessarily emerge in the end are extraordinarily naive. It’s not impossible, but right now the moderates are few and they are not winning the ideological battle within Islam.

Unfortunately, we in the West are not doing anything to help the situation. If you look at the West from an on objective point of view, there is a lot to dislike. Western Europe has become completely secular (only a small percentage of Europeans today even claim to believe in God, let alone attend religious services). The United States is less blatantly secular than Western Europe (a much larger portion of our population still claims to be religious), but we are not too far behind. This godlessness permeates Western academia (where religion is scoffed at), our political institutions (freely available divorce, abortion, etc.) and popular culture (just watch tv or go to the movies). Many Muslims see these things as the natural and inevitable consequence of a secular democratic form government that places an over-emphasis on individual freedoms at the expense of the good of society as a whole.

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  • ecks why:

    Informed rational freedom loving people have all the reasons in the world to fear islam. The twin fogs of political correctness & ignorance must be dispersed before western society better understands this menace. Even a brief review of islamic theology & history quickly exposes the deadly roots of this evil ideology.

    Mohamhead was a 7th century murdering warlord who rose to power on a river of blood surrounded by thugs and gangsters using intimidation, violence, deception and trickery to expand their criminal empire while mercilessly suppressing and killing their opponents and enriching themselves on stolen booty.

    The evil koran is a collection of sayings and speeches by this diabolical madman claiming divine guidance from some mythical sky-god which has inspired generations of crazed fanatics to abhorrent behavior resulting in historys worst ever crimes against humanity starting 1400 years ago and still continuing even today.

    Islam is just another fascist totalitarian ideology used by power hungry fanatics on yet another quest for worldwide domination and includes all the usual human rights abuses & suppression of freedoms.

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