They Are Buying The Minds of Your Children

When you hear the facts, does it make you wonder why Obama would kill the pipeline, why he would force our dependency on Middle East oil?  Watch this….

Has Your University Been Bought?

Who is ACT for America:

ACT for America

Who is Bridgett Gabriel, founder of ACT for America:

Brigitte Gabriel was born in the Marjayoun District in Lebanon to a Maronite Christian family.

Gabriel recalls that during the Lebanese Civil War, militants launched an assault on a Lebanese military base near her family’s house and bombed her home, and consequently she and her parents were forced to live in an 8′x10′bomb shelter underground for seven years with only a small kerosene heater, no sanitary systems, no electricity or running water and little food. To get water she states that she had to crawl in a ditch alongside a road to a spring in order to evade Muslim snipers.[11] She also said her home was destroyed by a shell in a militant attack, and that the bomb shelter was all that remained.[12]

In 1978, Gabriel says a man warned her family of an impending attack on Christians by militias. She says that her life was saved that night when Israelis invaded Lebanon in Operation Litani. Later, when her mother was seriously injured and was taken to an Israeli hospital, Gabriel noted the humanity of the Israelis in contrast to the propaganda against the Jews she says she saw as a child.[13]

Critics of Gabriel say that her biographical account is riddled with factual inaccuracies, and that she misrepresents the conflict in South Lebanon as a Muslim war against Christians when it was in fact much more complicated – Muslims and Christians were represented both among the Palestinian secular nationalists and their supporters who used South Lebanon as a base of operations against Israel, and among those who collaborated with Israel to put an end to the Palestinian influence and presence there.[14][15] While Gabriel claims that she lived for seven years in a bomb shelter, her former neighbors in Marjayoun recall that her family, like others in the village, might have spent a few nights in their shelter or basement at times, but that they otherwise lived relatively normally.[14][15] Gabriel also used to tell audiences that Hezbollah was the group that terrorized her family for the seven years between 1975 and 1982. She stopped making this claim after people objected, pointing out that Hezbollah was formed after she left Lebanon, as a direct result of the Israeli invasion and occupation of 1982.[14]

After graduating from high school, Gabriel completed a one-year business administration course at a YWCA in 1984.[16]

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