War On Terror Over?

Not to take one iota from the credit due the United States Navy Seals, the C.I.A., or the administration for having the good sense to listen to the military, I did get one good laugh this morning when I read in the liberal press that “the war on terror is over.”

Where in never never land do these imbeciles come from.  Trust me, as much as I laud those above for their action, the war on terror has just begun.  Does this imbecile think that every Sharia Law abiding Muslim in the world is now going to lay down their arms and embrace Americans…for killing their hero?

Still, there is only one way to educate zealots, and that’s the way it was done in Pakistan.  Now, Americans…ever vigilant.

One Response to “War On Terror Over?”

  • Kathy Walsh:

    Highly agree with you. If ever, Americans need to be on the look out as we know it will come from any side and possibly even within our borders. That is what I expect, to be honest. My next question is: Why did they bury him at sea? Americans are going to want to actually see that body; not just be satisfied with his DNA. I know I wouldn’t, but then again, I’m just a blood-thirsty American, too. lol

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