Workplace Violence or Muslim Extremists? Duh!

Obama, Our First Muslim President

Obama, Our First Muslim President

Obama’s latest ploy against America’s security?

Let’s see now, a Muslim, in touch with Muslim extremists, takes a firearm and kills 13 Americans on an American military base, Fort Hood, and our Department of Defense calls it “workplace violence.”  Of course our president has ordered the exclusion of any reference to “Muslims” from all training manuals for all federal law enforcement agencies, so what can we expect?  I guess that now includes the Department of Defense.

Again, do you think he and his administration have forgotten 9/11 and the almost 3,000 Americans and other nationalities killed there…I guess that was “workplace violence” as well.  After all, most of those folks were at work.  Not to speak of the dozens of other attacks by Muslims against Americans the world over.

When is this insanity going to stop?  When is this insane “political correctness” going to stop?  When are we going to understand where the presidents loyalties reside?

Since 9/11 there have been dozens of plots against the U. S. military and none of those have been from non-Muslims.

Oh, my God, now I’ve done it.  The Political Correctness Police will be after me!

You can call a pig a peacock, but he’s still a pig.



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