An eloquent and sage speech by Senator Mark Rubio…A Bartender’s Son!

3 Responses to “An eloquent and sage speech by Senator Mark Rubio…A Bartender’s Son!”

  • Ken:

    Who is this Guy, O Rubio? To Disrespect Our President.. Is this Idiot an American? He Should Be Ashamed of Himself! His Speech made no sense at ALL! If he a Brain at All he would know that we Need to Tax the Rich & The Large Corporations.. Maybe he should go back to where he came from. It’s just logical that the ‘BUSH’ Tax Cuts For the Rich didn’t work.. Reaganomics didn’t work.. Get Your Head Out of ‘Where the Sun Doesn’t Shine’.. O’ Rubio, You Don’t have a Clue about what you are talking about.. Find another Job, Cuz your are not qualified for the one you have. Quit Disrepecting Our President! You Have No Idea What You Are Talking About! Get to Work or Get Out! I’m am so sick of the lies from the Republicans!

    • I always enjoy the comment, “go back where you came from,” and wonder where exactly you came from? Now, let’s see, “tax the rich,” as if the rich don’t pay all the taxes in this country, if you consider everyone who actually pays taxes to be rich, which consists of only 52 percent of those eligible to pay taxes. And “tax the corps?” Since we have the highest corporate tax rate in the world, I think we’re already doing enough of that to drive corporations out of the country so Ireland, etc., can tax them. Sorry, Ken, but in listening to you I can’t help but doubt if you’re a contributing member of American society. And who is Rubio to “disrespect the president.” If you don’t know who a U. S. Senator is to doubt and question a president, maybe you should read a little history and study the way this republic works.

  • Larry:

    Ken……….The president needs no help for disrespect from anyone….He does a good enough job on his own…..Sen Rubio….you hit the nail on its head….very good speech…..keep it up….

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