Capital punishment…not if it’s too dim.

Capital Punishment?

Let me see, should there be capital punishment. Should a young man who was raised in a bad environment be put to death just because he captured some beautiful young woman, who was minding her own business, and spent three or four days raping, mutilating, causing horrid pain and suffering?  What kind of idiots disagree with killing slime like this, and getting the scum out of the gene pool?

If you are so concerned that the Good Lord might condemn your soul due to the fact you believe in an eye for an eye, then you worship at a different alter than I do.

Then along comes some idiot like U. S. District Court Judge Jeremy Fogel, who ruled in California five years ago that the death chamber at San Quentin was too “dim” and too “crowded.”  Good God Gertie, don’t let me die where it’s dim.  And don’t stand too close while your killing me.  Even though I killed a half dozen or so in the dark, and breathed my rancid breath in their face while doing so.  Why should capital punishment be inflicted upon me just because I took it upon myself to inflict capital punishment on the innocent.

As a result of Fogel’s ruling, the state spent $900,000 making the death chamber brighter and giving it a little more room.  I hope those who are about to die are happy now…not that I really believe that this judge will have one iota of compassion for those who are long dead and buried due to the perverts and freaks and scicopaths waiting for years, and consuming millions of taxpayer dollars, because it’s a little dim in the death chamber.

I continue to be astounded at the idiocy going on all around me.  Bring back the gallows and the well deserved snapping of a neck out in the town square, capital punishment in the light of day and in plain sight of those victims looking down from above.  Capital punishment is rampant in the bible for those who might suppose they have religious objections.

Those who object to capital punishment have short memories.  The victim…remember him or her…had no choice regarding how dim or cramped it was when their lives were taken.

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