Celebrate the fruition of the Constitution on this Martin Luther King day…. Take a test!

A Day to Celebrate the Fruition of the Constitution

On this national holiday, celebrating the life and accomplishments of Dr. Martin Luther King, I think it’s appropriate for all those rejoicing to look back on our Constitution and what it promised the citizens of the United States of America.  If King did one thing, he brought fruition to that document and to the Declaration of Independence.  All men, in the eyes of the founders, are created equal.  Now the challenge for those blessed to be born in America, or who’ve emigrated to America, is to live up to her challenge, to know what the promise of those documents were, and to honor them.  And the promise was not that all men are equal, but that all men have equal opportunity.  Here’s a way to see how you do as a knowledgeable citizen of this country.  This Newsweek test was given to 1,000 Americans;


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