Charlie Whipple From Japan

This from an email from a friend in Japan, who’s doing his part to help:

Lots more hype about nuke plants than facts. It seems that low radiation levels don’t cause sickness in direct relation to high levels, but the extrapolators have been assuming that low levels have the same overall effect.

Nuclear accidents have not killed nearly as many people or cost governments nearly as much as thermal plants (coal, gas, etc.) They’re just scarier. We off a lot more people with cars than with nukes. Studies on 120,000 survivors of Hiroshima showed spikes in certain cancers at certain age brackets, but many of them lived very long lives.

So I’m still in Japan, and the embassy has cleared employee families to return. It’ll be a long time getting cleaned up, but it will get that way.

The tsunami did lots more damage than the nukes, but forced exodus can be very tramatic.

The fishermen and the farmers and the plant operators are going full steam ahead to rebuild their livelihoods, as we speak.


If you buy a copy of the eBook above all proceeds go to the victims of Japan’s horrible quake. Here’s more from Charlie:

Young Ryo Ishikawa, Japan’s 19-year-old golf phenomenon pledged all his winnings in 2011 to the victims of Japan’s 3/11 earthquake and once-in-a-thousand-years tsunami. He says the pledge will make him work harder.

Masayoshi Son, founder of Softbank, may be Japan’s richest man. He pledged 10 billion yen from his own pocket and his salary for the rest of his life.

I can’t match these stars. All I can do is write. So I put together a collection of short stories set in Japan and asked Publishing by Rebecca Vickery to publish them. The book, A Matter of Tea, contains the story that won the 2010 Oaxaca International Literature Contest, and others. It has the first chapter of the Chronicles of the Dark Mirror, too. And it only costs US 99 cents.

At first, A Matter of Tea will be an eBook, available on Smashwords and other online retailers for 99 cents. Later a print version will also be available. I’ll keep you updated.

My pledge. All the income, for me and for my publisher, will go to help the victims of Japan’s fearsome earthquake. I promise it will get to the victims and will not disappear into the salary envelope of any charitable organization. I’ll post the numbers and what was done with the donations.

At the moment, the book may not be up yet. Keep trying. It will be at very soon.

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