Cheats in the classroom, and I don’t mean students….

The Root of Our Problem

by L. J. Martin

I happen to be back in Montana for a week, and had my kids and grandkids over for supper before we start back to Ventura.  As is usual, while supper is cooking, we played a little pool.

My grandson, a junior in high school, and 16 years old, happened to mention to me all the reasons he wouldn’t vote for Romney.  My grandson, for your information, lived with his mother, a Mormon, for the first six years of his life, until she passed a couple of years after his parents separated.  I tell you that as he attended the Mormon church with her to illustrate that he certainly had no prejudice.  If anything, he should favor Mitt.

His reasoning?  His geography teacher gave his class a lecture about why they shouldn’t vote for Romney, and should vote for Obama.  This, by the way, was on his educational time (geography) and on my dollar as a taxpayer.  Why shouldn’t he support Romney?  Because Romney made 22 million dollars last year and only paid 3 million in taxes.

Needless to say, he got another lecture from his grandfather.

Romney paid exactly what the fed said he should pay.  Do you think my grandson’s geography teacher mentioned that Romney complied with the tax code, that he obeyed the law?  Of course not.  He is the evil 1%.  Do you think she mentioned that she also complied with the code, and paid what the code said she should pay?  Did she pay a dime more?  Of course not, and neither did Romney, and neither did you.

In fact, he didn’t steal from my grandson by taking class time in the subject of geography to lecture on why not to vote for one candidate or another.  He didn’t steal from me by taking my money as taxes to support the public schools by preaching politics in class time.  She did.

To tell you the honest to God truth, I’m incensed.  But the lectures weren’t over.  My wife just gave me a lecture as to why I shouldn’t risk his grade by writing a letter to the editor, by calling the principal of the high school, by appearing at the school board and raising absolute billy-Jo-hell over the fact this teacher is cheating all the students in her class, all the taxpayers in the county, and worse, all those who believe in our public education system, and far worse, the republic which has given her the opportunity to teach the children of those who’ve benefited from the very system she lectures to destroy with half truths and outright lies.

And, no, I don’t mean anything in regards to an individual candidate, be it Obama, or Romney, or Gingrich, whom I support.  I mean she cheats the system.  She’s the root of the problem.  She poisons the system by her biased action in a public venue which should be both unbiased and non-political.  If she wants to stand on a soap box in the public square, more power to her.  But not in the schools.  A public employee who uses her platform and the taxpayer’s money to support either candidate is a cheat.  A public employee who has the audacity to try and get my grandson to conform to her political beliefs while on my dollar and yours, is a cheat.

She’s the cheat, not Mitt Romney.

I wish I could challenge her to a debate in front of that class she’s cheated of their classroom time, but that won’t happen as that would only continue to cheat them more from learning what she’s supposed to be teaching—and of course risk my grandson’s grade as she’s already demonstrated that she can’t be fair and impartial.  If my grandson wanted a lecture on the tax code he’d have taken accounting, or upon the political system, he’d have taken political science…and even then the instructor should stay out of partisan politics.  Fat chance.

It’s time to jerk the chain of teachers K through 12, when children are so susceptible, and require them to take a course in ethics.

L. J. Martin is the author of 30 book length publications as we as dozens of articles in national periodicals.  He writes the conservative blog .  He’s married to an internationally published NYT bestselling author of women’s fiction.  Learn more at

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