Common Sense Has Fled America….




How much further will you allow the government to push you before you stand up and tell members of Congress to protect your Fourth Amendment rights?

We cannot forget that the purpose of the Fourth Amendment is to protect citizens’ privacy and property rights. But for some odd reason, Americans are losing this right…in their homes, on their property, on their person, and in the airport!

Just this week, we learned that a Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agent in Florida forced a 95-year-old leukemia patient to remove her Depends adult diaper because TSA agents said it was impeding them from conducting a thorough body search.

In what universe is patting down a 95-year-old leukemia patient, or a 6-year-old child, an essential part of ensuring that our airlines are safe from the threat of terrorism?

Not only was the 95-year-old woman detained for a full hour, but she was also forced to remove her Depends, the only pair she had with her, simply because TSA agents wanted to thoroughly search her body.

Stories like this one will only continue if we fail to act. And, next time, it just might be your mother or daughter or son, whose Fourth Amendment rights are being infringed upon!


- Fox News’ Judge Andrew Napolitano



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