Crane Interiors Factory (i.e. dickheads) should have stopped for a moment of silence….

When Marine mom Teresa Danford got a call from her son in Afghanistan the bosses should have announced it over the intercom and had the factory stop for a moment of silence in appreciation of this young Marine and his mom, rather than discipline her for three days.  I can only presume her supervisor was a Muslim and the factory is owned by a bunch of Muslim dope dealers trying to launder their money.  If that sounds a little rough, it’s not nearly as rough as I’d be if the dickheads were in front of me.  Where the hell is the Americanism in America these days?  You can vote with your dollars, friends, and had this woman been fired I’d say don’t buy anything that comes from anywhere near Crane Interiors, however everyone needs their job, and I hope the hell raised by patriots like myself will bring Crane Interiors to their senses.  Pray for forgiveness, you a-holes.

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