Edward Fitzgerald Beale and his Rush To Destiny!

I’ve studied a lot of the history of the west, and particularly of the Manifest Destiny period, and have not found a western adventure that compares with the early life of Edward Fitzgerald Beale, whom I consider to be the quintessential western man.  Even Kit Carson said of Ned, “I can’t believe this guy Ned Beale.”  He was a naval hero, the hero of the battle of San Pasqual, he carried the first proof of the California gold strike to Congress, led the great camel expedition across the west, surveyed the first road to California and later built it, founded the Tejon Ranch still the largest private land ownership in California, and on and on and on…crossing the country by horseback thirteen times in the process.  Don’t miss Ned Beale’s story.  Rush to Destiny, originally published by Bantam, is now available on Amazon in both print and digital.  Also available in eBook from B&N and Smashwords.  Click on the cover at right for a direct link.

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