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Valentine’s Day! It surely must be a liberal Democratic conspiracy as we know from Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid that all good things can only come from them and the government!

But wait! It must be a conservative Republican conspiracy as it really sprang up from a very bad leader doing a really bad thing, much like Barack Hussein Obama today. I am sure that analogy brings much to mind for the liberal Democrats as to them all things bad can be blamed on George Bush; even the weather.

I submit that Valentinius got caught up in his own web of deceit pretty much like the people that caused the sub-prime mess in the 1990′s. The only difference is that poor Valentinius lost his head; Hillary Clinton, Chuck Schumer, Chris Dodd, Barney Frank, Maxine Waters, Barack Hussein Obama representing the ACORN crooks in the mess, and the other liberal congressmen and woman involved all the way back to Jimmy Carter are walking around free.  In fact the people that caused the mess are now in charge of fixing the problem for us using our tax money of course. Those of us that pay taxes!

Oh well, let’s move on with a history lesson:

Valentine’s Day: A History Lesson

Just to think
Were it not for a mad Emperor of
With the gall and temerity to ban love
And marriage,

Our most loving
Holiday of Valentine’s Day would not
Have happened;
No excuse for dinners, chocolate,
Flowers, cards, wine and words of
Love – no wedding carriage!

In defiance
Of Claudius II in 270 A.D., our sacred
Saint intervened
In the cause of lovers everywhere;
And thus to our benefit this very day.

Even the Duke of Orleans in 1415 A.D.
From certain death in the tower of
London wrote forth a card
To his lover and to the Saints above to say:

“Wilt thou be mine? Dear love,
Please reply
And sweetly consent, or else deny;
Whisper softly, none shall
Wilt thou be mine? Aye or

But alas,
Our worthy Valentinius would become
The symbol of love’s most sacred day,
But not before falling to the guillotine
From the mean old Emperor’s hand.

It was the 14th
Of February in the year 270 A.D.;
The sacrifice for lovers everywhere;
To the Emperor refusing a pardon,
Rome’s Valentinius took his stand.

And here we stand
At this day, our Saint
Valentine’s Day again this year: I give
Thanks for the friendship between
You and me.

In friendship
There is love and gentle caring
Between souls that this day
Gives us appreciation and the heavenly light
To see.

Jim Walker 2011

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