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It’s Time To Look Inward


For decades America has been trying to buy love, friendship, loyalty.  There’s a reality of the human experience, and that’s the fact you can’t buy love, friendship, loyalty.  Trying to do so is to defy common sense, and historical reality. It’s living in la la land.

We send a billion dollars to Haiti, and nine hundred eighty million of it ends up in the Swiss bank accounts of the government officials entrusted with dispersing it to a people in need…and that’s been the pattern of our world give-aways since the end of WWII.   America, making millionaires and billionaires out of despots.  And sadly, too many times, the United Nations has been the bus hauling the money away to the dirty hands of despots, usually the cohorts of U.N. officials.

When are we going to learn?  The prosperity of the United States in the same post WWII period allowed us to let our visceral liberals shame us into excesses and reckless giving.  Guilt driven by our own success, by our own predominance in the world.  We foisted our well gotten, hard earned, gains upon those who enjoy ill gotten ones, upon evil doers, criminals, and thieves.  Yes, there are starving children in Ethiopia and over half or more of the rest of the world, and yes, after we invest billions in those countries there are still starving children, and the only thing that really changes is the bank balance of those in power.  And I’m not saying don’t give, to give is Christian:  I’m saying don’t give money.  Give only directly to those in need, and give goods and services that pass from the hand of the giver to the needy.  A water well drilled in a village cannot be shipped to a Swiss account.

The era of prosperity in the United States is ending, threatened by the same visceral, bleeding heart, hypocrisy of liberals in this country.  The concept of “give-away other peoples money” runs rampant through the sad thinking of liberals.  The concept of entitlement when there is no actual  “entitlement,” only want and greed.  When did the concept “do unto others as you would have them do unto you” become “give unto others until you’re broke and can no longer take care of yourself?”  The belief that government will take care of all is a sickness, and it’s over, fini, finished.  And if not, it soon will be for lack of supply.  And if it’s not, we are.  At least our prosperous lifestyle will end, and maybe our very existence.  The folly of waiting until the national debt surpasses the gross national product in order to declare us an economic failure is just that, folly.  We are broke.  In the eyes of any budgeting housewife, we’re broke.  We don’t have to have a degree in economics from Harvard to understand the fact that we are broke.  As the debt clock: reports as I write this, each and every “taxpayer” in the United States owes over $127,000.00 as his/her share of the national debt.  Each man, woman, and child owes over $47,000.  Can you please pay yours now?  Most can’t.  Most don’t have that much net worth.  And even if many are able, they won’t soon be as inevitable inflation eats away at savings and retirement.  And as debt grows with interest and ability to pay diminishes as the mere sustenance cost for the debtor goes up with inflation and rising costs.

We’re engaging in the ultimate folly of printing phony money, backed by only the good faith and credit of the country, in order to keep our economy afloat.  And the economists and rulers of the other nations of the world don’t have to be Harvard grads to understand the folly of that recourse.  And they’ve lost faith, and will soon not extend credit.  Money, not worth the paper and ink used to manufacture it.  Particularly after the liberal politicians in this country, under the guise of being progressive, have ruined all belief in the good faith and credit of the country by buying votes with home loans for everyone and anyone who wanted four bedrooms and two and a half baths, rather than to everyone or anyone who could afford same.  That folly (or purposeful deception by our politicians) collapsed our economy, and cost us those foreign friends who were truly friends and certainly those whose friendship we’d only been buying over the last few decades.

Now comes a reckoning.  The Muslim world is awash with revolt, and sadly, it’s not a movement toward democracy.  It’s a movement to throw out the “friends” we’ve been buying for decades.  It’s amusing, but not surprising, that oil producing countries attract the wealth of the United States, billions flow to them every year, and they continue to express their hatred for us.  And it’s the same with dope producing countries, like Afghanistan.  Would it be a fair question to ask why we support a country whose primary export is opium?  Why do we support a country whose president has a brother who’s known to be the biggest dope dealer in the region?  Now those friends, even if purchased, will be replaced with Iman’s who preach our destruction.

It seems to me that our whole basket of foreign policy has been a folly, is a folly, and will continue to be a folly unless we begin to employ common sense and accept the human experience: you can’t buy love.  You can buy a screwing, but you can’t buy love, and we’ve bought plenty of the former.

I shudder with the death of every American boy or girl who dies in undeclared wars, from Korea to the present.  I mourn the death and maiming of every young American boy and girl who fights in a country that would turn on us in a proverbial heartbeat should there monetary interests lie elsewhere.  It’s time we turned inward.  We need our gallant young men and women here, to rebuild this junk heap that’s the result of the great give-away.  Drive on any California interstate highway and you’ll know what I mean about a junk heap.  Our interstates have more holes than even the heads of those who plan our foreign policy.

It’s time we pulled out of not only those countries where we fight, but pulled our money out of every country that’s not a democracy, and even then money sent abroad should only be in the form of actual credit worthy loans and/or investment.  And if loans are not repaid or investments nationalized or stolen, or don’t ear a return or have a really good verifiable excuse not to, then no more.  NO MORE.

Where the hell are these countries going to sell their oil, their dope, and in fact, their cotton, if not to the largest consuming country in the world?  WISE UP AMERICA.  Do you think we’ll not get oil or dope—what a heartbreak that would be—if we pull out…they still want our dollars, no matter how much they’ve depreciated, and will so for a long while.

It’s time we turned inward.  It’s time we took care of or own economy, it’s time we allowed self-reliance to have the opportunity to rise to the top of the American experience as was so prevalent after WWII, and replaced the hand out with a hand up.  It’s time we stopped trying to buy love.  There’s a word for that and America has been the JOHN of the world, the customer of international nation prostitutes.  And brother, we didn’t get the kiss to go along with the screw.

And this doesn’t mean transfer the “buy your friends” concept to merely “buy the votes” of the American people with the money we don’t send overseas.  Part of the “turn inward” approach is to pay off the national debt and regain the respect of the rest of the world…not that respect of those outside our borders is truly important.  Self-respect, along with self-reliance, is what’s truly important.  Self-respect and self-reliance, and military power, will again gain the respect of the rest of the world, if a grudging respect as it’s always been. It’s time we went back to setting the example, and being the world’s whipping boy—let them berate us for being rich and self-reliant, they’ll still want to be our friend, at least in a trading-partner sense.  Young men and women rebuilding the infrastructure of the U.S. is what we need, the re-invention of the WPA would be a good start.  Pay young Americans who are now being paid to risk their lives, to rebuild the country.  It’s the same dollars, only put to a far greater purpose.

Egypt, Yemen, Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon, and other Muslim countries around the world are rising up against despots whom we’ve supported for decades, and it’s my belief these revolts will not result in democracies, but rather in Muslim Sharia Law governments who will be dead set to destroy the United States and all Christianity, as they have Christians in their own countries.  That’s the result of attempts to buy friendship.  It’s estimated there are only 17 million of hundreds of millions of Christians left in Muslim countries, the rest killed our driven out.  And I pray I’m wrong.

STOP giving money to any country outside our borders.  PERIOD.  Credit worthy loans and investments only.

It’s time to turn inward.  My wife and I, in a small way, support charities such as Doctors Without Borders, the Heifer Project, and others who don’t give money, but rather goods and services, and then only where truly needed.  And the goods they give go directly to the people, without being processed (read stolen) by corrupt governments and their despot rulers.  When you buy a gift heifer, a hive of bees, a goat, a pig, or yes, even a camel, or other opportunity building critter from the Heifer Project you know it, and training, are going directly to a family who will put it to work to better their lot, not merely eat it or sell it. Don’t give a man a fish, teach him to fish.

We’re at a turning point in this country, in this world, and it’s time for human experience, for common sense, to rule our actions.

It’s time to use common sense to get this country back to where it belongs, to where our parents and grandparents fought long and hard to bring it.  It’s time to turn inward, and to heal ourselves before we continue to try to be all things to all people the world over.

While there’s still time, and I pray there is.

When I look at our country and see what’s happening I can’t help but be concerned for all of us.

It seems now that 41% of all births in the U.S.A. are to unwed mothers.  How many of those are living in some kind of relationship with a man I have no way of knowing…but I hope it’s a good many of them.  I also see that 85% of all births in the country are to minorities.  On the face of it that would not seem upsetting, but at the risk of being called a racist, it is upsetting to me.  Why?  Because of the following statistics, and this was as of 2006, the last statistics I have:


Of the 2006 TOTAL population of each respective race in the United States, it is:

5.27% white (5.27% of the white population is on welfare)

27.78% black (27.78% of the black population is on welfare)

11.47% Hispanic (11.47% of the Hispanic population is on welfare)

Another way to look at this data is based on the total number of people who receive welfare. It is:

39% white 11,661,000 of 29,900,000 recipients

38% black 11,362,000 of 29,900,000

17% Hispanic 5,083,000 of 29,900,000

So, already 27.78% of ALL blacks are on welfare.  And 11.47% of all Hispanics are on welfare.  While only 5.27% of Whites are on welfare.  I imagine all of those percentages are up in the current state of the economy, but none-the-less:  If 85% of all births in the country are to minorities, then the trend is a geometric curve upward in terms of welfare recipients, regardless of particular race.  The birth rate of those receiving welfare is much, much greater than those not.

That leaves damn few of us, white, black, red, yellow, and brown, to pay the taxes necessary to maintain the rest of the populace.  And daily, percentage wise in a geometric growth, it’s fewer and fewer of us.

I can’t help but wonder how many would be unemployed, and off welfare, were it much more difficult to obtain, were it’s necessity proven, rather than merely applied for.  We need to change the availability quotient.

In addition to that sad picture:  I was raised by my mother, a latch-key kid with an older brother, thank God, to set some kind of a male example for me.  With 41% of all births to unwed mothers, how many young boys are being raised without any male example in the home?  Why does that matter?

Normalcy, is why it matters.  I hate to suggest this, at the risk now of not only being called a racist, but being called homophobic, but the good Lord, or nature, or Darwin, or whomever/whatever you believe in, obviously designed the human progeny to begin with a father and a mother.  No matter how same sex couples try to obscure and camouflage the fact, it still requires a sperm and an egg to create a human being.  I’m sure the mad scientists will overcome this small obstacle in the future, and maybe even design a system wherein a child can be conceived and born anally, or via cullinigus, but I don’t think they’ve sunk that low yet.

So, no matter how much some aspects of society and the preponderance of gays therein would like it to be different, vaginal birth is still normal, i.e., and man and a woman as parents, is normalcy.

For a male, being raised by your mother poses some problems, particularly if the mother is particularly feminine, as my mother was.  In fact, she was a beauty.  Had I not had an older brother who was a man’s man, raised until he was age twelve with a male influence in the house, as I was only seven when my father fled the scene, I’m sure it would have been even harder to adjust to the male half of the world for this latch-key kid.

I smiled too much, not considered manly.  Consequently I was thought to be soft by my peers, and testing that theory cost them many a black eye.  I was thrown out of high school every year for fist-fighting, and twice my senior year…and by far the most of my battles went undetected by the school administration.

I also had, what I considered, inordinate attention by older gays.  At least a half dozen times, in high school, and in junior college, I was cajoled and approached by older men…I guess I still smiled too much and was much to friendly.  Those approaches ended in various states of catastrophe for those older gays.  One went out a window, a half-story above a thorn bush, in Berkeley, another suffered a broken nose on the bar car of a train, and yet a third was booted out of my car several miles from town.  Needless to say, I was offended by their misunderstanding of my ready smile and friendly manner:  I’m sure I’d be more empathetic now, and handle those instances in a different manner.  And I’m not suggesting gays aren’t tough, or that they don’t belong in the military.  No matter how special gays like to think themselves, I think they should be able to give their lives for their country just like the straights.

And, yes, I have gay friends, who are made aware that I don’t expect to be groped unless they expect to have their eye dotted.  I don’t give a damn about your sexual preferences, so long as it’s not in my face, or the faces of my children and grandchildren.  Que sara.

Do you suppose this growing cadre of children raised by a single mother are why so many men seem to feel the need to wear five days of beard growth…maybe only to prove to themselves their manhood, to be reinforced of their proof-of-gender when they look in a mirror?  It seems most of those in Hollywood need to add some additional identity to themselves., or convince themselves of their own.

Do you suppose a good number of those in this country who only think they have a sexual preference to their own sex might have been unduly influenced by being raised in a single parent household?  And I’m not suggesting that there’s not a physical cross over of gender, of genes, of sexual orientation, or that, in fact, that’s abnormal just because it’s a small percentage of the human race that is “special” in that way, i.e. physically different.

All that said, I wish it was a perfect world and each child had a happy, normal (as I consider it), home life; and that each child was born wholly male or female; but we know that’s not to be.  I don’t begrudge a gay couple who want to raise a child, I do have a lot of empathy for the child.  However, I have a great respect for the resiliency of children, and judge them much smarter and far more perceptive than do most adults.  I can’t help but believe that children of a gay marriage will watch, and learn, and strive for a normal relationship themselves.

It’s not a perfect world.

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