Here’s a Sign for The Department of Transportation….

Still, no mention of cutting government….

So I’ll make a suggestion.  How about an agency that would cost the country  billions of dollars (Manhattan alone is estimated at 127 million dollars), for little or no reason.  The U. S. Department of Transportation had made a major safety improvement (that’s tongue in cheek if a statement ever was) by insisting that all traffic signs, that includes street names, be both upper and lower case.  They, obviously, think you’re too stupid to read a sign that’s all upper case.  Let’s give it a test:


Main Street

That’s the same size font, for your information.  Won’t you feel safer when your city or town is forced to change its street signs from the first example to the second?  To tell the truth, I think upper case is easier to read.

Like an infestation of rats, this country is being overrun with imbeciles.  The Depart of Transportation has issued an 800 page Standard Highway Signs and Markings manual to help we poor dumb yokels who have been so inane as to have our signs painted all upper case.  What were we thinking?

Now, after issuing this edict, on August 30, after months of listening to testimony of state and local officials (they obviously have little else to do), the Federal Highway Administration has announced it will extend or eliminate the dates for compliance.  The rule change will be published in the Federal Register for all of you fascinated with street sign size and font.

Since they like signs…what should have happened is that every state, county, and city government in the U.S. should have sent this message to the feds….

I hope that’s not too plain spoken (or signed) for you.  I don’t mean to offend you, but I’m tired of being offended by the fed.

Now, that said, is there any doubt in your mind that the federal, state, and local government is too large.  In all this outcry about the debt ceiling, about balanced budgets, about the country being broke, have you heard any politician suggest that we eliminate the Department of Transportation or the Department of Energy?  Do you think the elimination of those 55,000 jobs in the obviously worthless Department of Transportation might save the fed (that’s you and I, remember) some money?

Of course cutting the cost of government is out of the question….

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