Herman Cain and the Sexual Harassment Scandal

As I put the link in incorrectly in yesterday’s posting, I’m running it again today (and as I’m going elk hunting):

A quick comment on the Herman Cain Sexual Harassment “Scandal”.

1) Compare what he’s accused of doing to what Bubba Clinton did.  Over and over again like he had a king’s wedding night conjugal rights.

2) Cain’s an older gentleman, not my age yet, but older.  He comes from a time when it was okay to put your hand on a woman’s shoulder and give her an encouraging squeeze, or put his arm around her shoulders like he would one of the boys, or (since she acts like she wants to be one of the boys) use language or tell an off color story (and no, that’s not a racist remark) to entertain or illustrate a point.  Or hell, suggest she join him for a drink because his wife is angry as hell at him for working too hard and has cut him off for the last three months, or has had her own dalliances, and, after all, he is a man, and who wants anything less as a president.  And yes, that’s an improper remark, and yes, I’d vote for a woman for president, but she’d have to have illustrated she had brass gonads.  I don’t want a president who “mothers” the world…not this world in which we live.

3) Or maybe she just came onto him with ulterior motives…like maybe the chance for a settlement for perceived, if not actual, sexual harassment.  It’s a new day, and working hard and accomplishing something on the job is not the only way to financial advancement in the litigious age in which we live.  And if he showed any interest, or even uttered a passing male remark in response to a tease, he’s guilty in today’s business environment.

Yeah, yeah, it’s not proper to hustle the help, and I’m not condoning it.  But until you’ve walked a mile in a man’s moccasins you have no idea what really happened.  If anything happened.  And the fact of the matter is, he’s the only candidate who has actually accomplished something in the real world, and he’s still my man for the job.


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