It’s Our Oil!

It’s Our Oil!

I don’t know what all the hoopla is about leasing government land to the oil companies.  After all, there are lots of lands and oil reserves that are not on critical habitat, or environmentally critical habitat…and it’s our oil and we can dictate the terms of its removal and price.

Being grown in a county with four of the ten largest oil fields in America, Kern County, California, at a time when there was no control over the environmental aspect of oil extraction, I’ve seen the damage it can do, and has done.  Oil companies are, after all, private enterprise and their job is profit.  It’s up to the rest of us to see that along the way they don’t damage the lives of the rest of us, yet retrieve and make their product available to the rest of us.  We can make sure its removal is clean and the land protected when it comes from our land…federal land.

Concerned about American oil being exported to China?  Then dictate the terms of the lease of government land so America has the first right of refusal on that oil.  Concerned about the escalating price of oil?  Then dictate that companies extracting oil from federal lands sell that product at a cost plus price, and only sell to an American refinery for distribution in America.  It’s an irreplaceable resource, and we should make sure Americans get the greatest benefit from its sale.  I don’t know if you’ll get any takers, but it’s certainly worth a try, and you won’t know until you do.

Half of California and a good portion of most western states are federal lands, and all offshore reserves belong to the fed…that’s you and I.  So why are we allowing our overpaid government employees to give that oil away without a direct benefit to us, to Americans? Unfortunately most government employees have never had to operate in the real world, it’s time we got someone negotiating oil leases who is knowledgeable and truly has America’s best interest at heart.

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