Jonathan H. Adler – Tyranny Now, Liberty

“Through the rapid proliferation of laws reaching every corner of human

existence, “the government is manufacturing more criminals now than ever

before.” The list of illegal activities includes more minutiae than one would

think possible. Beer-makers are barred from listing alcohol content on bottles,

and liquor distilleries cannot advertise on TV. Filling one’s own prairie

pothole can land a property owner in jail, as can protecting private property

from unlawful intruders. Placing handbills in neighbors’ mailboxes is strictly

prohibited, and attempting to sell nectarines of an improper size is a federal

offense. Companies are no longer allowed to give salaried professionals partial

days off without pay, and in Texas it is a crime to call oneself an interior

designer without the government’s permission. It is perhaps easier to recount

all that remains legal than all that is now prohibited.”

– Jonathan H. Adler

Source: Tyranny Now, LIBERTY, p. 55, November, 1994.

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