O’Reilly & Miller

Spent my birthday evening in Santa Barbara listening to Miller and O’Reilly.  A half hour or so of a Dennis Miller monolog, then a half hour of Bill O’Reilly, intermission, then forty minutes or so of both of them.  It was an interesting crowd.  I couldn’t help but notice that different folks laughed and applauded at different times.  O’Reilly pretty much went after every Republican candidate, and you could tell who in the crowd supported whom by who did or didn’t applaud.  Miller was a total hoot, as usual, and I was pleased by how funny and entertaining O’Reilly could be as he paced back and forth across the stage.  The house was packed for two shows, and the seats weren’t cheap.  Only a couple of negative placards and picketers outside, and Santa Barbara–America’s headquarters of easy living– is a bastion of libs, most of them, of course, trust fund babies who never had to work a day in their lives.  It was a good time, with lots of like minded folks.  Now, how do we get to those who aren’t like minded…before it’s too late for the country.  The last figure I heard was that by the time of the election, we’ll have more than 50% of America who aren’t paying taxes.

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