Pepper, please!

Pepper, please!

It’s always been my understanding that you must obey the law. And that comes down to an order from an individual police officer. No matter if you think the officer right or wrong…to disobey is anarchy. If you’re a salty S.O.B. there’s a good chance you’ll get peppered in todays scheme of things. In my time, when I might have been a little sassy, you took the risk of a truncheon up alongside your obstinate head. A shot with pepper spray is a lot better method to maintain order than a shot with a nine millimeter…and not nearly so long lasting as a cauliflowered ear from a whack with a sap.

I have absolutely no sympathy for the occupy a-holes who decide to lock arms hoping some fifty year old, overworked, tired and grumpy, cop will strain his back trying to lift some fat bastard and stuff him into the back seat of a cop car. And if he does strain his back, it’s not the occupy a-holes who will be paying taxes, and consequently his early retirement.

So, gentlemen in blue, who’ve shown the ultimate in restraint to date, spray away. You have not only my permission, but my encouragement. And when and if you ask me to move, you’ll get a “yes, sir.”

We’re I facing a group of recalcitrant a-holes, I’d call the fire department and see if they’d enjoy the bath I’m sure they need, with a two inch fire hose.

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