R.I.P. Self’s.  There was a time when you were held in the highest regard, when no man wanted to go through life without you at his side, without you deeply imbedded in his daily life, without you being his very mantra.

But it seems you’re dead.  Crushed under the weight of those whose respect for self became respect for a hand out rather than a hand up, for taking rather than earning.  Self-reliance, Self-worth, Self-respect, is now gone from almost half of the American scene.  There was a time when even the most downtrodden of us at least had a box of apples to sell, or a cup full of pencils.  Now it’s merely a cardboard sign saying “stranded” or “out of work” or that much told lie, “will work for food.”

The best example of what’s happened to us, what government wants us to believe, is the case of those among us who are the “low income” set.  Government tells us what a great percentage of us are among the “low income.”  Of course they define low income as just that, income level.  They make no provision for the man with a free and clear million dollar home, a free and clear half-million dollar second home, and four million cash in the bank or in his retirement account.  His income is now ¾ of a percent, thanks to the destruction of the dollar and the low return on savings, which amounts to $30,000 a year.  Does he qualify to be counted among the “low income” set, regardless of his worth?  You bet he does.  And the same scenario holds true for the “1 in 6” children who go hungry every night; his children are among those due to his “low income” status.  Both lies to make us believe we need a beneficent government with hundreds of thousands of employees to solve these problems; problems created by manipulative statistics; statistics compiled by government for government’s sake, not for the sake of the people.

We wonder, is the unemployment situation the cause of so many with their hand out, palm up, or is it a result of insouciance, carelessness, on the part of each and every one of us?  Did we fiddle while Rome burned?  While those of us who harbored and protected the Self’s, and kept them close to our very heart, made them the lifeblood of our being, worked hard to make sure our families had a clean place to live, a table laden with healthy food, healthcare, education…were we insouciant? Did we ignore what was happening in our government?

Obviously we did, because it seemed that suddenly our government had one department (Labor) that was the largest employer in the country, larger than WalMart, larger than McDonald’s, and hundreds of other departments, most of them doing the same thing others among them do, and none of them knowing or caring so long as they receive their monthly stipend. When did government become the aristocracy of America, enjoying perks not granted to the rest of us?  Not that any of us need “grants” from government; therein lies the problem.  Too many of us were too busy trying to be productive to notice the growing segment who were becoming dependent upon what they took from our hard work, rather than what they produced.  And they quickly found that they could grow for growth’s sake, rather than by necessity…and grow they did, while we paid attention to providing for our families, and ignored the voracious cancer of growing government.

And government, during the last ten years, received their stipend willingly as if entitled to have it increase 38% while those in the private sector watched their jobs being destroyed and unemployment among the private sector going rampant, while government decided, beyond all reason, that growth in the public sector was the solution.  That’s feeding the cancer, not killing it.

Our government became our benefactor, grantor of all that many of us needed, be it a welfare check or a grant, or a bribe to keep land fallow, not growing crops.  They even managed to turn entitlement’s into welfare, healthy thriving programs such as Social Security became grants, money put it by hard working Americans, concerned with their old age and wanting to be self-reliant and willing to invest to insure that fate, watched as their investment was given to those who did not contribute.  Government found it very easy to give away someone’s money, someone in the private sector…of course that’s all they’ve ever done, distribute what they’ve taken.  Even now, while our president threatens us with the failure of SS and “no check next month” he doesn’t mention that SS took in 800 billion last year and only paid out 700 billion. When did we first allow the government to pick our pocket in order to bestow our money upon others, most of whom were undeserving?  Was that when the Self’s started to die, when the cancer began to grow…a cancer called dependence?  A cancer called self-indulgence?

Did we ignore the fact our government was working hard to kill self-reliance, self-worth, and self-respect, and even harder to see that self-indulgence thrived and grew.  Not only grew, but fed upon the rest of us and our very reverence for the Self’s that made this country great, made her the go-to country of the world, the envy of every country in the world.  Yes, it was carelessness on our part, for we believed that it was “our” government.  We forgot one thing.  We forgot that those we sent to government, at least most of them, had already had the cancer of self-indulgence eating away at them.  Most came from local or state government, most had a long track record of receiving their check at the end of the month no matter how productive they might have been.  The result, eating ourselves from the inside; a cancer too long ignored; liver cancer, affecting the lily-livered.  Let’s hope it’s not too late to cure….

It’s time to search this country over and find those “citizen politicians,” those willing and eager to go to government for a short time in order to become part of the solution, and to throw those out who have long been part of the problem.

We are at a crossroads, and if we choose the wrong road, the road mired in debt and continued self-indulgence, then our children and grandchildren will be smothered with the result of our past insouciance, our carelessness, our disregard for what government continues to do to us in the guise of doing for us.

It’s time to stand up, America, and pull back that soft hand out, palm up, and put it to work growing callouses, to rebuild self-reliance, self-worth, and self-respect.


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