San Francisco, Proving How Normal I Am

Traveling back to Montana, spending the first night on the Barbary Coast in a city with one of America’s most beautiful locations, if not the most beautiful in the U.S.  And one of the ugliest underbellies.  We’re in the Palace Hotel, where President Harding died in the 20′s, rumored to have been murdered by his wife as it was also rumored that he was quite a philanderer.  However none of that has been proven and I prefer to think he died in his sleep from an anurism, as was reported.  Then, the press had some respect…not that I think that necessarily a good thing. At this point and time, above all others, I wish they were the fire breathing dragons they’ve been at times in the past.  Obamagate is a far bigger story than Watergate, but of course this is a Democratic administration and that a Republican.  If the press is the fourth estate, it’s going to be up to us, you and me, WE THE PEOPLE, the fifth estate, to spread the facts about Obama. for the liberal press have neither the guts nor the conviction to do so.  And now, with the internet, we have the ability to do so.

If this city always does one thing for me, it’s the fact it makes me wonder how boring and normal I am.  Of course if I wear my Stetson and boots, or even my cameo bill cap, it’s me who’s looked upon as a freak.

This is Nancy Pelosi’s city, a hot bed of fruits and nuts beyond any other I’ve ever visited.  Why does that combination not surprise me?  it brings home the fact the Democrats always carry the large cities.  One of the first anomalies I spotted was a “homeless” guy with a cart full of goods, using his iPad.  I bet it was a much newer model than mine, although I didn’t stop to ask.

It’ll be good to be back in Montana.


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