I met the second couple today from Wasilla, Sarah Palin’s home town. These folks I met in the RV park we checked into in Fairbanks, the first couple I met on the ferry just out of Skagway.  Both, when questioned (without them knowing my conservative bent) reported that Sarah had not only done wonders for Wasilla, then Alaska, but was a wonderful person and pillar of the community.  The couple I met today were in the lawn maintenance and snow removal business…common folks, hard working folks, folks who understand self-worth and self-reliance.  When asked what they thought about Sarah quitting the governorship, they all said it was for the good of the state, as the Democrats stonewalled everything she tried to do after returning from the national campaign.  The state was at a standstill, not to speak of the dozens of frivolous lawsuits brought by liberals across the country.  I have new faith in her after speaking to common folks from her town.  I don’t think she can win a presidential election…but I wish she could.

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