Something About Sarah…

Something About Sarah….

What is it about Sarah Palin that keeps her in the limelight, that keeps the press on her heels no matter where she goes or what she’s up to?

She’s one of those folks about whom everyone seems to have an opinion.  My wife is an accomplished, self-reliant, beautiful woman as is Sarah Palin, and normally has the utmost respect for others who work hard and strive to reach goals, but she, like so many women, is dismissive of Sarah.

I, on the other hand, admire her.  If you picked a state in the union that epitomized self-reliance, independence, and rugged individuality, Alaska would have to be at the top of the list.  And Sarah was a 20 year accomplished politician who rose to the top of that state as governor, and if you look at her record, was an effective and efficient leader.  Maybe Alaskans in all their rugged individualism are better able to judge?

Yes, Sarah has this coquettish quality about her….  It seems a quality, the beauty queen element, that can’t be overlooked by much of the rest of the country, and particularly by the frumpish commentators of the liberal press.  Would I dare to say they’re jealous of a woman who is attractive and been able to maintain her weight and good looks while having a bevy of kids, while being subjected to a plethora of 3000 calorie lunches bought by others trying to gain her support and a parade of political buffets over 20 years?

Personally, I don’t think she’ll run for president; she’s making lots of money and I suspect having a great deal of fun rubbing those frumpy noses in it while she enjoys staying in the spotlight and keeping them guessing…but you never know.  Maybe the competitive beauty queen, the aggressive politician, the cheering soccer mom, will step up.  If she does, I hope women across America can look past the trim waist, the full head of brunet hair, the beauty queen demeanor, to the massive accomplishment.

I would have no trouble voting for her.

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