The Great… The Whitney.

Whitney Houston

As it’s never been sung before…. The National Anthem

On my iPod, which I only occasionally listen to, is a list I’ve called The Ladies.  The four incomparable voices of my time sing the two dozen songs there, and that’s where I go when I want to be uplifted, when I need to revel in the beauty in our world.  Whitney Houston, Celine Dion, Barbara Streisand, and Judy Garland.  Two of them now gone.  I, obviously, was not attracted to the politics of at least two of them, but the wonderful thing about music is it transcends all else.

The first thing that strikes me about Whitney’s too-soon passing is the terrible waste.  If it teaches us one thing that is that substance abuse changes one’s brain, and logic fades away—I saw it in my own family.  The second lesson to be learned, I believe, is that money is certainly not the answer to all things.  In fact it’s way down the list.  Whitney was an achiever in so many other ways; it’s such a pity that she’ll be remembered by too many for the way she lived before she died, and most likely for the way she died, although we won’t know that for days.  No matter the outcome of the required autopsy, we know she terribly mistreated that great gift given her by the good Lord.  And I don’t mean her voice, I mean herself.

I, for one, won’t be able to listen to her music without my joy at Whitney’s incredible skill being tempered by a great deal of regret, and of the loss to the whole world.

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