The hope of America…our Kids and Grandkids!

The wonder of reading….

The light in his eyes, the intensity of concentration, the irritation at having his reading trance interrupted, the occasional joyful exclamation under his breath, all of this invigorates both my reading and writing.  It gives sublime purpose to what Kat, my wife, and I do almost each and every day…write.

Cody’s my eleven year old grandson, who discovered Harry Potter and now Christopher Paolini and his series, beginning with Eragon written when Paolini was only fifteen.  Kat and I met Chris about the time Eragon hit the shelves…he’s from Montana and was at a book fair where we spoke.  Dressed in period wizard outfit, Kat and I both commented that this was a kid to reckon with, and he’s since proved it time and time again.

Unlike Chris Paolini it took me a long time to become a writer.  I was a lousy student, barely squeeked though high school English, worked my studies only as much as necessary to keep me in the lunch break quad ogling the girls or in football and wrestling

Now, with children and grandchildren, I’m able to reflect back on that and see how much I limited my opportunities, and try and convey that fact to them…do well, keep all your options open.  All of us won’t be blessed to fall into something we love, and often wonder if we deserve.

In the daily grind to not only write (which actually is a pleasure) but to promote both my books and my wife’s so as to make enough money to be able to continue to write full time, I think I lose sight of what’s important about the career we’ve chosen.  Thank God for my grandchildren, and particularly my 11 year old grandson, Cody and beautiful 8 year old granddaughter Katy, who just sent me some wonderful stories she wrote…stories born of a love of reading.  Watching them blossom makes me recall the wonder of reading, and why I became a writer.

I hope they continue to be blessed with the joy of reading, and, who knows, we may have some budding writers in the family.


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