Trayvon Martin

Here’s a fellow in a ‘hoodie.’  Does he make you feel at ease?

A hood, long the symbol of death!

Trayvon Martin

I’ve been remiss in not commenting about the Trayvon Martin issue.  Unlike the lemming press I refuse to rush to judgment without having some knowledge of the facts.  I do know one thing, had it been a black man killing a white we’d have heard little or nothing about it.

To illustrate the preoccupation of the country in crimes of this type, if you look at the FBI website and reporting on crime statistics ( you’ll note that crime statistics are listed in this order:

Crime in the United States

Hate Crime Statistics

Law Enforcement Officers Killed and Assaulted

In the eyes of these reporters Hate Crimes are even more important than crimes against Law Officers. I find that strange at best.

No one has yet mentioned that Trayvon Martin was wandering through a gated community at night wearing a hoodie (now a status symbol among his supporters).  Did he belong in his gated community in the first instance?  Even though younger was he in fact 6” taller than Zimmerman, his killer.

The outrage of the black community should be tempered by the fact that statistically crimes of black on white are 50 times more likely to happen than the reverse.  Why then the rare white on black crime is fodder for every front page in the country?  Maybe because it’s so rare.  And in this instance, it’s actually a ½ white on black as Zimmerman is ½ Hispanic.

In my opinion all the black (and white) zealots who are wearing hoodies and marching in the street to obtain justice for Trayvon Martin would be better served in their own communities marching against black on black crime, or merely crime in the black community…period.

Go home so-called Reverend Jackson and so-called Reverend Sharpton and march in your own community and let the Florida police do their job.

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  • What’s crazy is during this entire time since Trayvon’s killing, there’s been no restrictions placed on Zimmerman.
    Why should he wait around for the government to decide whether to charge him with Murder and he face a possible life sentence.
    His parents have the means and so Zimmerman might have left for “vacation” to a place like Equatorial Guinea where they speak Spanish, have beautiful beaches, and NO Extradition Treaty with the US.
    If it was your life, would you prefer a jail cell or a tropical paradise?
    No one has seen George Zimmerman in ages. I’m beginning to doubt he’s still in the US.

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