Want or Need, Cure or Kill : Prescription Drugs.

Prescription Drugs

Want or Need, Cure or Kill – Prescription Drugs

by L. J. Martin

When the ad on the TV for one of the hundreds of Prescription Drugs advertised there says, “…may result in death,” why do I think it a “self-fulfilling prophecy?”

No one supports free speech and free enterprise more than do I, however we don’t allow street drug dealers to tout their illegal crystal meth or Mexican brown on the TV, so why encourage in the American public a “want” for drugs, prescription drugs, which may cause the same ultimate result, death, or at the least, addiction.   Why create a “want” when there may be no “need?”  And many Prescription Drugs will kill you, or addict you, just as quickly as the street variety.

Have your heard of the “power of suggestion?”  When you see an ice cream ad you suddenly have a craving and head for the freezer, and when you see an ad for a prescription drug to combat RLS don’t you remember your leg twitching and wonder if you might have restless leg syndrome?  Advertising specialists come up with these three letter labels for what may or may not be an ailment just so you’ll easily remember your supposed malady, such as RLS.  Who now could forget restless leg syndrome, and with every twitch, you wonder, RLS?  I’d better run to the doc.

It’s my personal belief that one of the best ways to stay healthy is to stay out of the hospital.  However a good number of Americans seem to want to run to the doctor or to the emergency room every time they have a pain…and of course that’s made much easier by Medicare and Medicaid.  Had they had to reach in their own pocket?  And the “power of suggestion” which hits them in the face with prescription drug advertising several times a day on the television does nothing but compound the problem.  And compound the economic and health woes of America.

We have a terrible problem in the United States, and that’s prescription drug misuse and addiction.  One American dies every 8 minutes from drug overdose.  I’m going to repeat that, one dies every eight minutes.  Drug overdose is now the number one cause of accidental death in the U.S., overtaking auto accidents.

Doctor shopping is a recreational and vocational pursuit in Florida, where dealers from other states go from doctor to doctor to get prescription drugs, and pills that cost them a buck or even five bucks apiece in Florida are sold for thirty dollars back in their home states.  Come on, Florida, you’re better than that!

And Doc, it’s your responsibility to solve this problem as much, or more so, than it’s law enforcement’s responsibility.  You are supposedly part of an honorable profession, and it’s time you began to self-regulate.  What are your medical associations for, if not self-regulation?  It’s time medical boards began to audit prescription drugs, and if a doc has ten times the amount of oxicontin, or a dozen other addictive prescription drugs, prescribed than is the norm, he should be looked at and if found to be writing prescriptions for the profit rather than the need, he should be turned over to law enforcement and a medical board should recommend his license be jerked.   Come on, docs, you’re better than that!

It’s time to limit drug advertising for the good of the country.  Prescription drugs are not ice cream, drugs are not a kitchen slicer and dicer or a chamois for your car, drugs are supposedly prescribed by professional physicians for need, rather than want, and all advertisement does is create “want.”  Need is either there or it’s not.

Prescription drugs, cure or kill, want or need?

It’s time to stop inundating the television with prescription drug advertising.


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