Western Writers of America Convention










We finished up the Western Writers of America convention in Albuquerque, NM last night.  As always, an interesting eclectic group of folks, half of whom are university types, half of whom are just good ol’ boys and girls, all of whom are writers of one sort or another.

As many of the books coming out of the organization are biographies, ecological studies, manuals, ect.—non-fiction—many of the members are university types.  Of course, my politics of “hard work makes a man, hand out palm up forsakes a man” is not popular among the majority of those folks…not all, but most.  After all, they spent their lives getting their check at the end of the month no matter their performance.

We did meet some interesting folks, none-the-less.  L. Q. Jones, whose been in more than a hundred films, and even if you don’t recognize the name you immediately recognize the face; he and his wife are wonderful folks with a thousand stories about their time in films and Hollywierd.  L. Q. participated in some seminars.  And Wes Studi, the classic American Indian actor who, like L. Q., has been the heart and soul of many a fine film, and who narrated the Spur Award ceremony.  I got pics of Kat, my wife, with both of them, and those pics will be posted on her facebook page (Kat Martin) and on my Pinterest page.

No matter their politics, these Western Writers of America folks produce some wonderful literature and I was proud to be among them.  However, I hope many of them forget to vote in the coming election.



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