When the school board’s holdin’ a hammer….

Teacher Fired For Song Writing….

The above is a video, please watch.

It appears teachers can only have liberal opinions…

Take a look at the above song…it got the teacher, Brian Glover, fired.  This happened a few months ago, but only now came to my attention.

FRANKLIN, Tenn. – Music City is full of songwriters, hoping to land that big break. But a now former Middle school football coach in Williamson County said writing a politically-charged country song got him fired, after it rubbed a few parents the wrong way.

26 year old Bryan Glover is not shy about his political opinions. He is proud tea party Republican and felt compelled to voice his disappo More..intment in the current administration through his music. But he never thought sharing his new song would leave him unemployed.

The song is called, “When You’re Holding A Hammer, Everything Looks Like A Nail.” It is a reference to Glover’s frustrations with the current administration and President Obama. Glover co-wrote the tune with a parent on the Grassland Middle School football team. He never thought sending it out to friends, family and player’s parents could put the hammer on the nail of his job with the school.

Here’s the news broadcast….

News broadcast


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