Copulating In The Classroom – Professor J. Michael Bailey



Copulating In The Classroom, Professor Bailey

Peep Shows And Artificial Peckers with Professor J. Michael Bailey

Or I could go on and on…

Does anybody out there have a donkey they want to rent out for an evening?  It seems we have a professor, a psychologist, at Northwestern U who decided your kids needed to know how to get their girlfriend off, so to speak, and I don’t mean off a criminal charge.  So he conducted an after hours, opt in, demonstration on the use of a sex toy.  You know, guys, a toy you need when you have a problem with your own equipment?  And he may want to carry the demo a little farther, thus the need of the donkey.  However, if you’re like me, you don’t want your donkey used for such a purpose, no matter how the donkey may enjoy it.  It sets a bad example for the other donkeys in the pasture.  Come to think of it, Professor J. Michael Bailey is a donkey himself, so yours or mine may not be needed.  Although I doubt if Professor Bailey has the same sexual equipment as your donkey, Professor J. Michael Bailey  certainly has the same mental capacity.

Copulating in the classroom (or some form thereof) may not have a place in our university system in this country, at least not if you’re paying your taxes and disagree with that particular use of them.  But long ago the universities in the country quit paying attention to the taxpayers who support them.  And there’s no question in my mind that Bailey has tenure and cannot be fired…unless one of those students on the stage was a minor.

University President Morton Schapiro said he was “troubled and disappointed” after hearing about the use of a sex toy on a naked woman by her fiancé in front of more than 100 students.  Gee, there’s a strong response by an administrator…why am I not surprised?  I bet Professor Bailey expected a thousand or more and was very disappointed by the turnout…he should have picked a better looking couple.  I wonder if he charged admission?  None-the-less, peep-show prices or no, I’m surprised he didn’t get a bigger crowd.  Had I been at Northwestern, and 19 years old or so, damn rights I’d have gone.  And to think all they had was readin’, writin’, and ‘rithmatic when I was in school.  Good God Gertie, what are our universities coming to?  What’s next for J. Michael Bailey…group sex on stage, or maybe in the quad?

I can’t help but wonder if Professor Bailey, who hasn’t had a sexually explicit book out in some time, may just want to pick up his book sales.  What was it P.T. Barnam said, “It doesn’t matter what they’re saying about you, so long as they’re talking,” or something near that.  This one wasn’t quite as good as the Viagra ad, “If it stays up longer than 4 hours, see your doc,” now that was good advertising.

I know what I’m saying about Professor Bailey, how about you?

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