Obamabebeballs – Somalians are not pirates, they’re thieves, murderers, scumbags….


Thieves, Robbers, Murderers…Not pirates – Obamabebeballs.

It’s far to glamorous to call these scumbags, who prey on innocent travelers, pirates.

This is not the 16th or 17th century, these Somalians are not Captain Kidd, and we have the facilities and technology to know where they are and who they are and to destroy them.  It’s not as if the ka ka hole that is Somalia has any claim to sovereignty, they don’t have any effective government, so why isn’t the U.S. taking action?  What would Teddy Roosevelt do?  And short of us putting a few missiles up their backsides, why hasn’t the U.N. taken action?  After all, these murderers are preying on boats and ships from many nations.  Why, exactly, for the 10,000th time, I ask, are we spending billions of dollars supporting a group, the U.N., who does nothing but steal 95% of our money destined for their Swiss bank accounts before giving 5% of it to starving children.  Haiti should have given us a clue.  There, the pirates, as usual, are in the government.

And why did we capture seventeen and kill two, when we could have killed seventeen and captured two…or maybe just killed nineteen.  Have you seen the video rampant on the web of the Russian action taken against the so-called pirates?  No trial necessary.  Maybe we should hire a Russian expeditionary force, as they wouldn’t take orders from a bunch of wimp American politicians who continue to stick their noses into American military action.  After all, law school trains you well for military action: no Annapolis or West Point or Air Force Academy needed.

600 hostages and 34 ships are now held by these scumbag lice who call themselves pirates.  When is enough enough?  When is the U.S. going to get an ounce of chicken guts and take action…of course we would have to have a leader who’s concerned about something besides his buddies at Acorn to make something constructive happen.  Trust me, our American fighting men and women are itching to wipe out this cancer calling itself pirate.

Where is Ambassador Rice, our supposed representative to the U.N., appointed by Obama?  She’s in South Africa enjoying the summer sun, while North Africa burns and 4 innocent bible distributing American tourists are murdered.  How about a U.N. force made up of Africans, after all it’s an African problem.  How about some other countries picking up the gauntlet for a change?

Yes, it was probably foolish for these folks to cruise in waters known to be crawling with murderers and thieves, and yes, it’s almost impossible for a force to move on a boat carrying hostages before those hostages can be murdered…so preemptive action should be taken.  Cut the head off the snake, where he lives.  An invasion of Somalia would cost a lot of Somalian lives, some of them innocent…but the fact is, when you allow your country to be run by scumbags you’re taking a risk on being caught in a crossfire.  And, sorry, but a few Somalian lives lost are better than one innocent American one…and it’s time or government started thinking that way, time they looked back at true American patriots like Teddy and took a page out of their book.  Time America stands up for Americans.  How can we expect the world to respect us when we have no self-respect, no gonads, no action when action is called for?  Where has the $680 billion we spent on defense gone?  Why do we pay that amount out if we can’t protect 4 innocent Americans, or at least revenge them?  Don’t tell me we can’t wipe out a rag tag bunch of s0-called pirates?

And that invasion should be conducted by the U.N., or why are we paying the majority of the cost of this so called International Organization, international force.  It’s a joke, but I, for one, am not laughing.  Not when four innocent Americans are killed, when their leader says, “Our colleagues called us this morning, that they were being attacked by a US warship,” Mohamud, a Somali pirate, told Reuters. “We ordered our comrades to kill the four Americans before they got killed.”

Well, folks, as an American, I’m saying kill that son-of-a-bitch and all his fellow fleas and lice before another innocent American, or innocent from any other country, gets killed.  It’s time to act.  We used to hang pirates, but lets hope this bunch never gets to trial.

See the quote below.

Here’s a report (partially quoted) from an African news agency.  I’m surprised, truthfully, that they didn’t condemn the U.S. and the United Nations for not stopping these atrocities.

Somali pirates kill four US hostages

By Katrina Manson in Nairobi and agencies

Published: February 23 2011 02:36 | Last updated: February 23 2011 02:36

Pirates have shot and killed four US hostages off Somalia in the midst of negotiations for their release from their hijacked yacht, the US military said.

The attack marks the deadliest by pirates against US hostages, as insecurity and ransoms rise and piracy takes hold of an ever greater expanse of water off Somalia, from Oman in the north towards India in the east and to Madagascar to the south.

… “Our colleagues called us this morning, that they were being attacked by a US warship,” Mohamud, a Somali pirate, told Reuters. “We ordered our comrades to kill the four Americans before they got killed.”

US forces previously killed three Somali pirates in an April 2009 release of a captured US captain. Pirate leader Farah, speaking from Bayla, a pirate haven in the semi-autonomous region of Puntland in northern Somalia, vowed to Reuters to avenge the deaths and capture of his comrades. “I lost the money I invested and my comrades. No forgiveness for the Americans. Revenge. Our business will go on,” he said, adding he had spent $110,000 so far on the hijacking, including costs for weapons, food and salaries.

Pirates currently hold about 30 boats captured off the coast of Somalia, with a total of more than 600 hostages, according to the US Navy, which along with the EU, Nato and other nations, patrols the region with only 34 warships.

“We’ve got to have a more effective approach to maintaining security on the seas, in the ocean lanes, that are so essential to commerce and travel,” Hillary Clinton, US secretary of state, told reporters.

President Barack Obama, who was notified of the deaths, had authorised the use of force in the case of an imminent threat to the hostages, a White House press secretary told reporters.

Reuters reported this week that Somalia-based Islamist group al-Shabaab will receive a 20 per cent cut of all ransoms in future, hiking the threat of instability and the difficulty of putting a stop to pirates who make their base in the failed state, whose UN-backed government controls only a few sections in the capital, Mogadishu.

Admiral Fox said he would not go into “ongoing efforts” to pursue a suspected mother ship that had haboured the 19 pirates before the attack southeast of the Oman coast.

End of partial quote.

Mr. Obama bebe balls, it’s time to get up on your hind legs and do something about these so-called pirates.

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