All Men Are Created Equal…. Except When It Comes To Income Tax!

All Men Are Created Equal….  Except When It Comes To Income Tax!

5% of taxpayers pay 65% of all income tax collected in the U.S.

95%, the rest of us, pay the other 35% of all income tax collect in the U.S.

Of course, 48% of us pay nothing, so:

47% of us actually pay the other 35%

Where the hell is this so-called 1%?  If you pay taxes, and are not one of the upper, upper, 5%, then you and your equals pay 35% of what it takes to run the country.  You are not the 5%, you are not the deadbeat 48%, you are the heart and soul of America, and I salute you.

You work for a living, while 48% of America vote for a living.  It’s time for a flat tax in America, time that all the very rich who take advantage of our impossible system to pay no income tax, paid the same percentage as every other American.  It’s time those who make more than a measly subsistence, paid a percentage of their income so they realized what paying tax is all about, and so they can be proud of their contribution to the country.

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