Oh my God, your self-reliant…run, run….

Wow, spend more money to spend more money to spend more money to….to spend more money.

It seems my chest is getting bruised from my jaw dropping.  As I’ve often said, truth is stranger than fiction.

In my local paper this morning:  “To boost the number of Ventura County residents receiving food stamps, the Board of Supervisors has OK’d spending almost $770,000 to recruit and enroll recipients over the next 12 months.”  And the article goes on.

Soooo, now we’re paying people to “recruit” food stamp and welfare recipients.  We need to pay folks to cave in, to destroy their own self-confidence, their own self-reliance, their own willingness and desire to pursue a job.  Isn’t that really what the county is doing?

And yes, times are tough, and no, I don’t begrudge anyone who doesn’t have enough to eat or to feed their children the fact they need help, or who are old, blind, indigent, and unable.  I do begrudge our government spending, wasting, even more money to “sell” those who are able on the fact they’re in need.  To say that’s ludicrous is one of the great understatements of all time.

Their rational, again a quote:  “The federal food stamp program has told California we have to get our participation rate up.”  Otherwise, “California, you don’t have enough people on food stamps, so go out there and sell them on welfare.”  Insanity.

So it’s a coalition of imbeciles, county and federal.

If you have an ounce of pride, of self-reliance, of gumption left…get rid of it and get on food stamps, because the federal government, who’s broke, needs to get rid of more of the taxpayers money so they’ve be even more broke.  I wonder if anyone gets the fact that this kind of idiocy will climax in no more food stamps, in fact, no more food.

It continues:  “Only about half of eligible residents in California were enrolled in the program in 2008, compared with a national average of 66 percent…”

So, California, Ventura County, you’re falling down on the job.  The country is yet to be completely broke.  Charge forward, you federal blind leading the state and county blind…and I mean mentally, not physically.  The physically blind deserve food stamps, if they truly need them.

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