Social Security…is it raining?

Social Security

Obama says Social Security and trust in the same breath…and doesn’t choke.

The New York Times has reported that President Obama said that any compromise to address Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security would first require an effort to build bipartisan trust.

I find it fascinating that a Washington D.C. politician from any party at any level could be brash enough to speak the words Social Security and Trust in the same uttering.  We, who paid into Social Security for decades, are just a smidgen distrustful when it comes to politicians and Social Security, for they didn’t use it for retirement, but rather to spend wantonly to buy votes.  Moving money from Social Security to the general fund should have been prosecuted as grand theft, not looked back upon as a glitch in economic planning.

My own wife and I have long argued over the merits of letting the people invest in a selection of options with their  SS contributions.  She maintains the people won’t make wise choices, and I contend that any choice is better that the historical choices made by congress.  Rollling the dice in Vegas would be better than allowing congress to merely steal it.  Now, as so many Americans look at their retirement without the benefit of their own forced savings, Social Security, as congress continues to move the age upward, it’s amazing that tar and feathers are not part of the equation.  Of course, many of those politicians have passed on, so maybe the only recourse is pissing on their graves.  Ah, I remember him fondly, he was among those who pilfered my retirement.

It’s great that Americans are beginning to watch what’s happening in Washington D.C., but as illustrated by Obama’s comments quoted above, they’re still pissing down our necks and telling us it’s raining.   And that part of the Washington D. C. experience will never change.

When are we going to learn, America?

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