You Show Me Yours I’ll Show You Mine!

Romney has already said that in the last ten years he never paid less than 13%.  If the Obama lap dogs want to see his tax returns, and I were him, I’d say fine, Mr. President, you show your school records, how you financed your education, your social security records, you explain how you can claim you didn’t know Governor Blagojivich when there are a dozen pics of you hobnobing with him, why your wife got a high paying job with an Illinois hospital when you were elected senator then was not replaced when she quit, and on and on and on and on.  Then I’ll show mine.

Let’s see, when you earn millions and pay legally, should you offer to pay more?  Would YOU offer to pay more?  Yes, we should change the system, in my opinion to a flat tax without deductions.  Of course the low wage earner with six kids would be the first to complain if his child deduction went away.

Let’s watch and see if the Obama supporters will get to the subjective items in this election…jobs, debt, and the obscenity of government size and cost?  No, they’re scrambling to discover something in the Romney tax returns that will take the nation’s attention away from a sixteen trillion dollar national debt and a president who wants to spread the wealth to those on the dole…so he and his cronies can buy votes and continue the destruction of what made this country great.

And it wasn’t what’s depicted below:

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