The Hell I Didn’t….

What is it about the making of America, the freest, most prosperous and generous nation the world has ever known, that you politicians, and those of you who support the hand-out nation, don’t understand?

Is it possibly the fact this nation was not built by the hand-out, palm-up set?  In fact, this nation was not helped by it’s own federal government.  Why?  Because the federal government is just a small portion of a major group that makes up America…and that’s her people.  The federal government is the pinky finger of the hard-working farmer, or factory worker, or teacher, or policeman or fireman.

When I hear the president, or any other politician say the federal government is going to help, protect, save, educate, or heal, it galls me to the core.  They say it as if the fed is this great benefactor in the sky, who will reach down and bestow his grace on you and me, when in fact the fed is just a small part, a tiny part, of each and every one of us.  Each of us, each tax-paying citizen of this great country has given a piece of him- or herself, so the country could be a better place in which to raise our children.  When the fed says, “you didn’t build that, the federal government helped,” shouldn’t they be saying, “we came together, the people of the United States of America, each and every one of you who pay taxes, particularly you small businessmen, and you are the ones who built the roads and bridges and schools.  But it was your hard work and initiative and risk that built whatever you have individually.  You could, far more easily, have sat home and still driven on the roads, the bridges, and sent your children to the schools, without working sunup to sundown to built a better life for you and yours.  You are the hide, hair, and bones of the United States of America…and particularly her heart and brain, and benevolent soul.”

You are America, and you should never, never forget it.

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