2.85 Rounds For Every Citizen In The United States

2.85 Rounds…Is That Enough To Kill You?

Homeland Security has purchased one billion rounds of ammunition. This is not for use in Iraq, Afghanistan, or other areas where the military is active…it’s for use inside the borders of the United State

Alarming?  If this doesn’t alarm you, I don’t know what might.  It amounts for 2.85 rounds for every citizen in the United States.  Go to this link for more:


Even considering the fact the Coast Guard is part of Homeland Security, this is a horrendous number.  Homeland Security has 200,000 employees.  That’s 5,000 rounds for every employee, including the majority who are clerks and office personnel and unarmed.  It must amount to ten times that for weapon carrying employees.

What’s up with that?

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