22,500 Rounds Per Homeland Security Weapon…. What the F?

The Department of Homeland Security and its Immigration and Customs Enforcement office is getting an “indefinite delivery” of an “indefinite quantity” of .40 caliber bullets from defense contractor ATK.

U.S. agents will receive a maximum of 450 million rounds over five years, according to a press release on the deal.

The high performance HST bullets are designed for law enforcement and ATK says they offer “optimum penetration for terminal performance.”

Read more:http://times247.com/articles/homeland-security-order-huge-quantity-of-bullets#ixzz1r7GPVUxf

There are 200,000 employees at the Department of Homeland Security.  Of course the majority of them do not carry and consequently have no need for ammo.  However, for the sake of argument, let’s say each and every homeland security employee carried a 40 mm handgun.  450 million rounds would equal 2,250 rounds per employee. The fact is probably less than 10% of the Homeland Security employees carry.  So that number of 40 mm rounds equals 22,500 rounds per weapon.

NO law officer fires that many rounds on the range, even over a five year period.  Doesn’t that make you wonder?

What the f—k is up with that?


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