$25,000 A Minute, No Problem!

Our American Aristocracy

I find it interesting that our administration uses the EPA as the ultimate weapon against increasing our energy production, yet pays absolutely no attention to the adverse effects, or costs, of their own actions.

When Obama made his recent visit to L.A., I couldn’t help but note that he brought along Marine One, the helicopter that allows him point to point transportation.  Okay, he flew in Marine One from the VA Hospital on Wilshire Blvd., to LAX.  Normally, that would be a 30 minute drive…of course a presidential drive is accompanied by a retinue of cars with flashing red lights and sirens, so lets say it was a 20 minute drive, giving him the benefit of the doubt.

So, how did Marine One get to L.A.?  The same way the beast and it’s other lemos got there, via Air Force  C-17 Globe Master.  Air Force One costs over $50,000 an hour to fly, and I have to believe a C-17 is every bit as expensive.  So, a five hour flight here, and a five hour flight back is something like a half million bucks.  That’s what it cost to get Marine One here, not considering the cost of it’s operation.

If you only consider the cost of transporting Marine One here, and the fact it’s flight time to LAX from the VA Hospital was ten minutes or so, transporting it saved the president 20 minutes of travel time, at the worst.  So, simple math:

$500,000 divided by 20 minutes = $25,000 per minute

The actual cost, if you figured in all extraordinary expense, was probably twice that, but let’s give the administration the benefit of the doubt.  Twenty five grand a minute is obscene enough.  Barack makes Michelle’s $600 lobster lunches look like pennies.

Now, what do you think the environmental impact of not only transporting Marine One to California and back might be?  I’m sure the EPA was not questioned about that problem before our president decided to save 20 minutes at the cost of what must have been somewhere near a million bucks, all things considered.

But that’s okay, because the EPA is shutting down Shell’s exploration of the North Slope because they didn’t calculate the environmental impact of their ice breaker.  What the hell, we don’t need domestic oil production anyway…do we?  Come on, $6.00 a gallon gas prices, then maybe we’ll TTBO, throw the bums out.

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