Queen Michelle Obama of the White House







“In my own life in my own small way, I have tried to give back to this country that has given me so much,” she said. “See, that’s why I left a job at a big law firm for a career in public service.”  - Michelle Obama

Total Personal Staff members for other first ladies paid by taxpayers:

Mamie Eisenhower: One, paid for personally out of President’s salary.

Jackie Kennedy: One

Roseline Carter: One

Barbara Bush: One

Hilary Clinton: Three

Laura Bush: One

Michelle Obama: Twenty-two

And here are Michelle Obama’s personal staff:

$172,200 Sher, Susan (Chief Of Staff)

$140,000 Frye, Jocelyn C. (Deputy Assistant to the President and Director of Policy And Projects For The First Lady)

$113,000 Rogers, Desiree G. (Special Assistant to the President and White House Social Secretary for Mrs. Obama)

$102,000 Johnston, Camille Y. (Special Assistant to the President and Director of Communications for the First Lady)

$100,000 Winter, Melissa (Special Assistant to the President and Deputy Chief Of Staff to the First Lady)

$90,000 Medina , David S. (Deputy Chief Of Staff to the First Lady)

$84,000 Lilyveld, Catherine M. (Director and Press Secretary to the First Lady)

$75,000 Starkey, Frances M. (Director of Scheduling and Advance for the First Lady)

$70,000 Sanders, Trooper (Deputy Director of Policy and Project for the First Lady)

$65,000 Burnough, Erinn (Deputy Director and Deputy Social Secretary)

$64,000 Reinstein, Joseph B.(Deputy Director and Deputy Social Secretary)

$62,000 Goodman, Jennifer R. (Deputy Director of Scheduling and Events Coordinator For The First Lady)

$60,000 Fitz, Alan O.(Deputy Director of Advance and Trip Director for the First Lady)

$57,500 Lewis, Dana M. (Special Assistant and Personal Aide to the First Lady)

$52,500 Mustaphi, Semonti M. (Associate Director and Deputy Press Secretary To The First Lady)

$50,000 Jarvis, Kristen E. (Special Assistant for Scheduling and Traveling Aide To The First Lady)

$45,000 Lechtenberg, Tyler A. (Associate Director of Correspondence For The First Lady)

$43,000 Tubman, Samanth a (Deputy Associate Director, Social Office)

$40,000 Boswell, Joseph J. (Executive Assistant to the Chief Of Staff to the First Lady)

$36,000 Armbruster, Sally M. (Staff Assistant to the Social Secretary)

$35,000 Bookey, Natalie (Staff Assistant)

$35,000 Jackson, Deilia A. (Deputy Associate Director of Correspondence for the First Lady)

(total $1,591,200 in annual salaries, not counting employer contributions)

One wonders why she needs so much help, at taxpayer expense.

Note: This does not include makeup artist Ingrid Grimes-Miles, 49, and “First Hairstylist” Johnny Wright, 31, both of whom traveled aboard Air Force One to Europe .

There has NEVER been anyone in the White House at any time who has created such an army of staffers whose sole duties are the facilitation of the Michelle Obama’s social life.

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