A Sea of Estrogen?

A Tsunami of Estrogen?

by L. J. Martin


As Obama nears the Democratic convention he must make a choice…and that’s for a vice presidential running mate.  There’s no question in my mind that he’ll dump foot-in-mouth Biden, who’s had to dislocate his jaw in order to get both in a time or ten, and even less question that he’ll choose his Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton in Biden’s stead.  The only thing holding Obama back would be the Clinton’s seeming propensity to have critics and competitors disappear.  Remember the strange “suicide” of Vince Foster.  This from Wikipedia:

Foster’s death was concluded to have been a suicide by inquiries/investigations conducted by the United States Park Police, the Department of Justice, the FBI, the United States CongressIndependent Counsel Robert B. Fiske, and Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr.[3]

After a three-year investigation, Starr concluded that Foster’s death was a suicide. CNN stated on February 28, 1997, “The Starr report refutes claims by conservative political organizations that Foster was the victim of a murder plot and coverup,” but “despite those findings, right-wing political groups have continued to allege that there was more to the death and that the president and first lady [Bill and Hillary Clinton] tried to cover it up.”[4]

And this:

One theory suggests that Foster was murdered to prevent either the revelation of information derogatory to President Clinton – about WhitewaterTravelgate, or other matters; or the implication of Hillary Clinton‘s involvement in covering up activities together with Foster before his death.[15]

With respect to this case, conspiracy theorists are largely divided into two groups. Some suspect that Foster committed suicide in a location that was embarrassing to figures connected to the Clinton administration and that government agents dumped his body in the park. Others suspect that Foster died from a shot from a small-caliber pistol to the neck and his body was dumped in the park. A book by Christopher Andersen entitled Bill and Hillary: The Marriage claims that Foster and Hillary Clinton were involved in an affair that led to Foster’s death.[16]

Speculative variations on this theory abound, including claims that Mrs. Clinton either killed Foster herself [17] or was personally responsible for having him killed.[18] Aides to Hillary Clinton were investigated for the removal of unidentified files from Foster’s office before the Secret Service or FBI could secure the premises.[citation needed] Furthermore, three federal judges (David SentelleJohn Butzner, and Peter T. Fay) attached an addendum to Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr’s Report on Foster’s death despite Starr’s objection. However, no credible evidence or charges were ever brought forward in connection with any of these allegations.

Urban-legend-debunking website Snopes.com cites the finding of the Starr investigation as evidence that Foster was not murdered: “If Foster had been murdered or if unanswered questions about his death remained, Starr would have been the last person to want to conclude the investigation prematurely.”[19]

As I said then, and still say, who the hell would shoot himself in the neck with a small caliber weapon?  Who elects to commit suicide with as much pain as possible, and with the risk of instead of ending-it-all, becoming a quadriplegic?  Nothing about that so-called suicide made any common sense, other than the fact Ms. Clinton had lots of reason to see Foster out of the picture.  He knew way too much about Whitewater as well as other Clinton escapades.

Still, Obama’s choice for vice president will, 99 to 1 odds, be Hillary Clinton…unless she tries too hard to get the presidential nomination herself.  Let’s face it, she has bigger gonads than Bill and probably twice the size of the community organizer, and that may be her downfall, …but I seriously doubt it.

And the ticket will be hard to beat as she’ll draw heavy female support, which may just be the tide that sweeps the sand of any Republican candidate.

I, for one, hope the fact women are protective of their children and food budget will sway them against an administration which will add another ten to fifteen trillion to the national debt, should they be in office another four years.  And that crushing debt, of course, will fall on our children and grandchildren, and the inflation that’s being lied about and artificially controlled will make food budgets untenable before their term would end.  It’s a weight our prodigy may never be able to recover from, but will women be blinded from that fact the vice presidential candidate wears skirt, blouse, and nice hairdo?  I fear a good number of women won’t let anything stand in the way of sexual nepotism.  And a good number of them voting with their vagina (not that men don’t vote with the little head) might just be all it takes to saddle the country with a wet estrogen soaked blanket we may never be able to wade out from under.  The country very likely will go down, drowned in a flood of female hormones.

L. J. Martin is the author of 30 book length works and is published in dozens of national periodicals.  He’s the author of the conservative blog http://fromthepeapatch.com.  His wife is an internationally published novelist.  The Martin’s live in Montana.  For more see www.ljmartin.com.

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